Written by Charles T. Jordan
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Charles T. Jordan Preface
Charles T. Jordan Satan's Prophecy No.1, one of four named cards by performer is chosen and card travels from half to other half in box at named number, card is also predicted on paper
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Leaving Card Behind
Charles T. Jordan Loading a Card at a Position loading a cased card at certain position while putting cards back in case
Charles T. Jordan The Spirit Mathematician No. 2, half deck in performer's pocket, card with same suit and cards who add up to same domination as selection are produced, binary (Ace, Two, Four, Eight)
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Charles T. Jordan Co-Incidentally No. 3, two decks, duplicate is found by selecting four cards and number from rolled dice
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Charles T. Jordan Dice Force two outs
Charles T. Jordan The Pinochle Ace Trick No. 4, eight Aces from Pinochle deck, packets are formed and eliminated by throwing dice, Aces travel to one packet
Charles T. Jordan The Vanishing Card No. 5, one of six cards vanishes and appears in performer's pocket
Charles T. Jordan Packet Switch using deck, on outstretched hand
Charles T. Jordan The Reversed Court Card No. 6, one of four court cards is reversed by spectator, performer divines which one, one-way on face of some Bicycle cards
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Charles T. Jordan The New Pack Detection No. 7, deck is split in two and two cards selected and exchanged, both cards are divined
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Charles T. Jordan The Life Saver No. 8, single card location, from new deck order
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Charles T. Jordan The Impromptu Arranged Pack No. 9, from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins, dealing
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Charles T. Jordan The Five Guesses No. 10, by asking five questions selection is found
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