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The Monster of the Secret Art
Selected works of Mott-sun

Title Subtitle Year
All the World's a Stage 1982
Dangerous Notions Including "Coins: HowToWhatToWhenToWhyTo" and "Words: Scr... 2004
Earning Interest 2006
Mr. Eclectic 2006
By All Means Nearly Impossible Miracles 2007
The StageCoach 2008
The Pocketbook coin gaffs and common cents 2008
Wrestling With Magic All the Secrets Unexplained 2015

Miracle Material
The Close-Up Magic of Michael Kaminskas

Title Subtitle Year
A Card Session with Peter Kane 1967
Another Card Session with Peter Kane 1971
A Further Card Session with Peter Kane 1975
Reflections 1977
Kane 1982
Sally For Short! 1984 ca.
Kane's Variant A principle and some presentations of a different approac... 1988 ca.
One Card Wonders Plus One or Two More 1992

Title Subtitle Year
It's So Simple 1986
Fred Kaps' Purse 1994
Fred Kaps' Currency Edward Victor's 11 Card Trick done with Dollar Bills 1994

Larry Jennings's Card Technique

La Campanella
Etudes and Sonatas with Playing Cards


Seriously Silly
How to Entertain Children with Magic and Comedy


Title Subtitle Year
Threefly Killer Coins Across from the Mind of Chris Kenner 1991
Totally Out Of Control 1992

Title Subtitle Year
LeafBoat 2010
Imagery 2016
Seven Thoughts 2018

Title Subtitle Year
Mac King's Other Rope Routine 1990
Howdy! I'm Mac King! Here are some Magic Tricks that I know how to do. Inside ... 1990

Title Subtitle Year
Magician Foolers A Lecture by Bob King 1989
More Magician Foolers A Further Collection of Magic Designed to Fool Magicians ... 1990
The Breather The Ultimate Crimp — Routines and Applications 1992
The Breather 2 The Ultimate Crimp — Further Routines and Applications 1993
Opening Night Magic 1995
Cards to Pocket Plus Close-Up Tutorial 1 1995
Five-Star Magic 1996
Flight Four Close-Up Tutorial 2 1997
Private Notes The Previously Unpublished Magic of Bob King 1999
Great Britain 2001 The magic of Bob King 2000
The Breather 3 The Ultimate Crimp — Final Routines and Applications 2002
New Magician Foolers Private Lecture Book 2003

Four Professional Card Routines

Title Subtitle Year
Nothing but the Family Deck 2016
Vaticinium ex Eventu Three Predictions 2016

Title Subtitle Year
Scratching the Surface 1986
Tricks 1994

Title Subtitle Year
Bande Du Soleil 2001
The Ends 2001
Kranzilla Unleashed The Magic of Nathan Kranzo 2021