70 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Mike Bornstein Foreword
Mike Bornstein New Improved Comedy Bill in Snake Can signed bill
Mike Bornstein The Spirit of '76 signed card lost, deck tossed in air, folded dollar bill held into shower and a torn corner appears stuck to bill, it belongs to signed card which is missing a corner
Mike Bornstein Polaroid Money Outdone four bills change several time when a bill of another denomination is added, Elmsley Counts
Inspired by 16
Mike Bornstein Simplex Bill Penetration pen through bill
Mike Bornstein Deluxe Double Matchit card chosen and lost, dollar bill changes into matchbook, mini card inside which matches selection, updated handling
Inspired by 24
Mike Bornstein How Sweet It Is dollar bill changes into sugar packet which is torn open and sugar poured into coffee
Mike Bornstein Comedy Floating Dollar Bill miniature dollar bill visibly changes into normal one which floats in front of the performer's hands then
Mike Bornstein Money Mania bill folded in quarters, three coins appears from it one by one, then a bunch of coins at once
  • Presentation
  • Presentation #2
  • Presentation #3
  • Presentation #4
Mike Bornstein New "Asrah" Floating Bill dollar bill rises above hand, celluloid strips, no threads, removable gimmick with magnetic attachment
Inspired by 48
Mike Bornstein Ultra Coin Penetration stack of coin through hand of performer, rolled bill as cover tube
Mike Bornstein Deluxe Triple Matchit two cards chosen and lost, dollar bill changes into matchbook, inside cover is card which matches selection, it changes into second selection
Inspired by 61
Mike Bornstein Ultra Bill Suspension bill floats between hands, wire and magnet
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