Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Richard Kaufman

23 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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Richard Kaufman Foreword 2
Richard Kaufman Starfish King torn into four pieces, the pieces change to full-sized cards, four duplicates of original King, then they change into different KingsInspired by
  • "Regeneration" (Paul Harris & Daryl, Brainstorm in the Bahamas)
Richard Kaufman D.H. Revelation Aces cut to two at a timeInspired by 7
Richard Kaufman Slap Happy Aces disappear from top of deck, then are reproduced one by oneInspired by 10
Richard Kaufman "No Palm" Production Inspired by 12
Richard Kaufman Gaff/ace Tunnel combined with Hofzinser Ace Plot, all Aces pushed through deckRelated to 13
Richard Kaufman One-Finger Zinger a Six change into a Nine with "turnaround" presentation 17
Richard Kaufman Fusion two blank cards become double backer which is examined, when peeled apart again they are two selections, then blank againInspired by 20