Written by Peter Kane
Work of Peter Kane
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Fred Haywood
Language: English
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Peter Kane The Incredible Shrinking Card Case
Also published here 1
Peter Kane Red Oil - Blue Water 4&4, mixing climax
Peter Kane Red - Blue - Transpo four red red-backed & four black blue-backed spot cards
Peter Kane Jazz Aces
VariationsAlso published here 8
Peter Kane Swindle Coincidence two decks shuffled by two spectators, they each chose a number card and count down to arrive at the same card
Peter Kane The "My Best" Coincidence two decks shuffled and counted down until match occurs, this card is predicted
Inspired by 11
Peter Kane About Face Faro half deck is pushed through other half (incomplete faro) and turns over
Variations 13
Peter Kane The Faro Five Ace to Five given to five spectators who also select a card, all back in deck, after a few shuffles the reversed number cards are next to the selections
Peter Kane The Lazy Gambler flourish deal vom incomplete faro position, performer gets Aces
Peter Kane The Faro Card Puzzle "This is a 'faroation' of Vernons Card Puzzle"
Peter Kane The Ring in the Card Case
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