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Peter Kane The Incredible Shrinking Card Case
Also published here 1971 1
Brother John Hamman Deck in Parvo case shrinks, for credits for gaff see page 50
Variations May 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Peter Kane The Incredible Shrinking Card Case
Also published here 1975 31
Edward Marlo Cased Switches - 3rd Approach: The Diminishing Or Enlarging Card Case see also page 10 of 21st Century Card Magic
1979 283
Edward Marlo First Effect deck removed from case, case shrinks, miniature deck removed
1981 1
Dr. James Nuzzo Do it for Ozzie shrinking card case, lapping, using "Open Side Card Case"
1981 2
Edward Marlo Second Method shrinking card case
1981 4
Edward Marlo Third Effect two decks removed from card case, then case shrinks and miniature deck is removed
1981 4
Peter Kane The Expanding Deck playtime deck in case, changes to poker-sized case
Also published here
  • lecture notes "A Real Live Card Session with Peter Kane"
1982 73
John Kennedy Shrinking Cards card case shrinks, then deck, then deck normal again, visual growing last card
1983 18
Michael Powers The Convertible Case miniature card case grows into normal case, deck put inside
1983 74
Thomas Hierling Mini Card Box case shrinks
1987 109
Brother John Hamman Deck in Parvo case shrinks, then normal card is pulled out of mini case
1989 28
Gary Kurtz Shrinker deck is removed from card case, case shrinks to a small one and is immediately examinable
1994 1
Tommy Wonder The Shrinking Card-Case
  • Design One
  • Design Two
1996 117
John Cornelius Shrinkage
2001 115
John Cornelius The F.I.S.M. Act or Every Card Trick in the World in Ten Minutes among other things: shrinking card case, multiple selection, four-of-a-kind production, shrinking deck, card to credit card, jumbo card in wallet as prediction for named card after some byplay
2001 157
Patrick McLane a Most mysterious Case diminishing case
2003 23
Jim Steinmeyer A Most Mysterious Case
  • Conjuring
shrinking card case
Nov. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 11)