64 pages (Spiralbound), published by Kreations & Trx
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Kenton Knepper, Gene Urban Foreword
Mike Rogers Introduction
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Introduction
Tullock's Tricks & Techniques
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Easy Control cut to break and overhand shuffle
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Modified Control slip shuffle, also to control several cards
  • Follow-Up Shuffle to Easy Control
  • As a Control of a Second Spectator's Card
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Technical Top Change
  • Doing the Top Change With Motion
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Breakthrough Shuffle
  • Doing the Breakthrough Shuffle Standing Up
  • Shuffling at the Table
Eddie Tullock Eddie's Consummate Classic Force
  • Overview of Eddie's Philosophy
  • The Works
  • How To Play Cat and Mouse
  • Final Notes on Cat and Mouse
  • Other Important Tips
  • Strange But True
  • In Conclusion
Eddie Tullock Bits of Business two humorous byplays when a card is returned, deck is riffled and performer has to insert card
Eddie Tullock Stop It Now random card changes to selection and back
Eddie Tullock The Four and One Half Trick prediction is half the value of selection 4 1/2 card gag, in trade show style
Related to 25
Eddie Tullock Busted Transpo trick is repeated, spectators select same card again
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change without credit
Tullock on Trade Shows
Eddie Tullock Tullock on Trade Shows
  • Overview
  • What Makes a Professional Trade Show Magician
  • About Your Act
  • A Little About the Props You Use
    • Using Special Props
  • Fine Tuning Your Act at the Show
  • Performance Attitude
  • Equipment
    • Platform/Riser
    • Performance Table
    • P.A. System
  • Developing Your Natural Voice
  • Once You Have An Act, Who Hires You?
  • So The Want You For Their Show, What Now?
  • How Much Do You Charge?
  • Where Do You Position Your Show In the Booth
  • Attracting Your Audience
  • Business Cards and Brochures
  • What to Wear and Personal Hygiene
  • Eating During a Show
  • Pacing Yourself
  • Your Name Badge
  • Conclusion
Eddie Tullock A Final Thought From Eddie Tullock
  • Who Are You? What Are You?
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