Written by Bob King
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33 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
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Bob King Introduction
Bob King The Edge Ace assembly with packets in signed envelopes in pockets, stooge switches envelopes in his pocket
Inspired by 4
Bob King Kickback Up a Notch two cards found with sandwich cards, when they are turned over, they are the actual sandwich cards which have changed into selections when looking back
Inspired by 6
Bob King Cube Route a red and yellow screen transpose twice, one in the hand and one on the table behind a screen, one changes color as finale
Bob King Time Flies clock trick with card vanishing, card is found in case
Bob King Color Cut color changing back kicker
Inspired byAlso published here 13
Bob King Phantom Coins four coins, with glass
Bob King Bob King Routine for Coin Squeeze penetration routine for brass tube "Coin Squeeze" (marketed item), with initialed coin
Bob King Color-Changing Knives
Bob King Paralocks II ungaffed, sleeving
Inspired by 20
Bob King No Place Like Home
Bob King Poker Mental II three spectators, last card also reversed in another deck, mis-calling mates
Inspired by 25
Bob King Calling Mr. Stebbins two spectators cut to a card each and loose it in a packet, performer takes one packet and pockets a card from it, person is called on phone and names both cards after one packet is read off to him
Bob King Rubbed the Wrong Way coin on table vanishes, and travels to other hand
Inspired by 29
Bob King Turncoat single folded card turns inside out, hand cover only, incomplete instructions (only first page)
Also published here 31
Bob King Gypped Again four silver coins transpose with four Chinese coins, one group in silk
Also published here 32
Gypsy Switch
Bob King Thanks to Vernon unnumbered extra page, two in the hand one in the pocket start, ending with jumbo and miniature die
Inspired by 33
Bob King, Ronald Zollweg Bottoms Out unnumbered extra page, bottom of glass is knocked out and restored
Inspired by 34
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