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Mike Bornstein Foreword
Mike Bornstein X-Static Dollar Bill two bills adhere to each other, spectator cannot duplicate it, hidden piece of plastic on pull
Also published here 1
Mike Bornstein Double Matchit card chosen and lost, dollar bill changes into matchbook, mini card inside which matches selection
VariationsAlso published here 8
Cross-Cut Force
Mike Bornstein Polaroid Card Trick card chosen and lost, two signed labels are put on each side of a dollar bill, miniature duplicate of selection appears on one side of the bill
Variations 12
Mike Bornstein Perfect Prediction label on dollar bill with card prediction, prediction changes to match selection
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Mike Bornstein Triple Mini Miracle any card thought of, dollar bill changes into miniature brainwave deck with selection reversed
Related to 19
Mike Bornstein Instant Money blank piece of paper changes into money
Variations 22
Mike Bornstein Single Card to Bill
Mike Bornstein Impromptu Standing on Edge dollar bill stands on its edge
Mike Bornstein Elastic Penetro rubber band through bill, gaffed bill
Variations 30
Mike Bornstein Enlarged Invisible Hole coin through hole in bill that is too small
Inspired byAlso published here 32
Mike Bornstein Triangle Angle matrix type effect with coins and a dollar bill
Also published here 34
Mike Bornstein Improved Clip Joint two-pronged paper clip penetrates bill
Inspired by 37
Mike Bornstein Last Words
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