Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Joshua Jay
177 pages (Hardcover), published by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
60 entries
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Joshua Jay The Moment Magic Changed My Life
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Joshua Jay Pulling My String Short rope stretched into long rope by stomping down on it with foot
Also published here 21
Joshua Jay Button Buster Small button enlarges, then attaches permanently onto magician's shirt
Joshua Jay Cascading Carnation Lapel flower transforms into colorful silks, coin produced in the middle of silks (Silk Fountain)
Joshua Jay A Striking Appearance Matchbox contains only one match. Match is lit and waved over fist, magician produces fistful of matches
Joshua Jay Grandma's Coin Trick Two coin transposition with surprise ending of poker chip production (uses purse)
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Joshua Jay Fold-Up Fooler Piece of paper with coins printed on it, folded up and reopened to reveal four real coins (paper folding inspired by Flash Cash, marketed by Bob King)
Joshua Jay A Perplexing Pen Production using sleeve as a holdout
Also published here 37
Joshua Jay A Discreet Displacement Can be used as a control, force, secret addition, or secret transposition of two cards
Related toAlso published here 39
Joshua Jay A Discreet Displacement "Red Hot Mama" Red Hot Mama effect done with Discreet Displacement move
Related to 40
Joshua Jay A Discreet Displacement Ace Location Four spectators touch four random cards, shown to be Aces, and all Aces have different colored backs as a surprise ending
Related to 41
Joshua Jay Utility Discovery Utility sequence - spectator deals and stops on their own selection, and second selection is then found reversed in the deck
Also published here 43
Joshua Jay The Book Cut
Also published here 45
Joshua Jay The Clutter Cut Messy tabled false cut, rhythm similar to the Rhythm Count
Joshua Jay The Jay Change One handed color change done on the face card of the deck, held vertically
Related to
  • "Topsy Turvy" (Eric Mason, Stuff, 1989)
Joshua Jay Strand, Hand, Wedding Band ring appears on string in spectator's hand on string, penetrates, vanishes and reappears on string
Also published here 51
Joshua Jay Fancy Find Flourish selection pulled out from a dribble, now renamed as Dribblocation
Also published here 53
Joshua Jay A Reverse Curse secret reversal of a playing card in the action of stripping it out from a spread, similar to Discreet Displacement (Can be done with multiple cards or a simple Triumph routine)
Related toAlso published here 54
Joshua Jay Boomerang Cards Card shot off the top of the deck as a production, can be done behind the back
Joshua Jay Trumped Triumph ends with kicker after Triumph effect in which all the cards of the same suit appear reversed distributed in the deck
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 61
Joshua Jay Knuckle Sandwich Aces two cards lost in deck, four Aces suddenly appear face up in deck and sandwiches both cards (no moves)
Related toAlso published here 64
Joshua Jay Triple Thought-of Card Magicians divine two thought-of cards without any questions or fishing
Joshua Jay Combined Interests Magicians performs a medley of his favourite tricks all in one trick (spell to selection, prediction, card to pocket (fail), four Ace production)
Joshua Jay Behind The Scenes Transposition Presentation for two card transposition
Also published here 73
Joshua Jay That's the Hard Part All three mates of selected card found, along with four Kings. Deck ends up separated by color.
Also published here 76
Joshua Jay Cascading Queens Selection lost in deck. Four Queens produced, cards cascade down and selection is left in magician's hand
Joshua Jay, Jerry Andrus Four Queen Cascade Card cascade from a four Queen production to find selected card
Inspired by 79
Joshua Jay EncACEd Deck placed in box, four Aces penetrate the box and pop out into mid-air, then deck vanishes from the box
Also published here 81
Joshua Jay Losing Diamonds Selection (Two of Diamonds) made and lost. Ten of Diamonds shown, given a flick, flurry of red diamonds fly out, leaving the Two of Diamonds
Also published here 87
Joshua Jay Written Favorite Transposition between performer and spectator's named favourite cards - then "Your Favourite Card" words appear on the back on spectator's card
Also published here 89
Joshua Jay Shrunken Revelation Jennings Revelation with four Kings, then the Kings shrink into mini cards
Inspired byRelated to 92
Joshua Jay Triumph in 211 Triumph with Stripper Deck
Joshua Jay Side Show Packet trick - cards shown to have four sides, three sides, two sides, one side and no sides (clear card)
Joshua Jay Seeing is Believing Card to box with whimsical presentation (box has glued-on eyes)
Also published here 102
Gary Kurtz Boxed Card Switch Switching card in a box for one under the box
Joshua Jay Pocket Jokers Jokers placed in pocket at the start, selection made, but two Jokers found in deck. Selection is then found in pocket (transposition)
Joshua Jay Card, Clip, Gasp Spectator names a card, paperclipped folded card shown to be it
Inspired by 107
Jay Sankey, Alexander de Cova Paper Clipped Switch
Joshua Jay A Preposterous Paperclip Problem Indifferent cards placed in paperclip change into Jokers, then paperclip suddenly grows larger than the card
Variations 110
Joshua Jay Dear Journal Journal entries written on freely selected playing cards divine selected card, with final journal entry revealing spectator's name
Joshua Jay Ballistic Band-Aid Band-Aid on finger jumps from finger to finger (thimble-like sequence), finally vanishes and appears stuck on selected card
Joshua Jay Matchbox Restoration Matchbox gimmick used to restore torn card, vanish, produce or shrink a card
Also published here 119
Joshua Jay Convincingly Clean Copper-Silver-Brass Chinese coin changes to silver, then to copper, then vanishes
VariationsAlso published here 123
Joshua Jay Watch This Rubberband visibly linked onto watchband
Also published here 125
Joshua Jay Watchama-Call-It bare-handed complete coin vanish using watch as hold-out
Related toAlso published here 127
Joshua Jay Watch Out using watch as a holdout for a packet of cards
Also published here 129
Joshua Jay Coin From Silk Produce coin from silk (watch holdout)
Joshua Jay Paintbrush Penetration Paintbrush and coin routine - coin vanishes and appears, paintbrush disappears and jumps behind ear, finally paintbrush penetrates coin
Variations 135
David Williamson Striking Vanish
Flip Hallema Flipstick Move
Joshua Jay The Remote Control Ambitious Card routine with remote control presentation, ends with card appearing folded in battery compartment
Mercury Card Fold
Joshua Jay Psychometry and Me Magician able to match nametags to five spectators based on their names alone
Joshua Jay Beach Business Cards Magician makes sand appear underneath business card that is placed on spectator's hand
Joshua Jay Six Card Repeat Six Card Repeat routine with silk production as an ending, selection is printed on the silk. Jumbo card is then produced from the silk matching the selection
Joshua Jay Book Test Bonanza Deck of cards is interlaced in pages of a book. Spectators flip to random pages, magician can divine card or divine first few sentences of page
Joshua Jay The Journey's End
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