Written by Roy Johnson

Work of Roy Johnson

76 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Ken Brooke Foreword i
Roy Johnson Viewpoint 1
Roy Johnson Expansion of Texture three phases, first two with only one coin and handkerchief 7
Roy Johnson The Policy method to load card under jacket near inner pocket 15
Roy Johnson (1) Card to Pocket to right inner jacket pocket 18
Roy Johnson (2) Card to Wallet 18
Roy Johnson (3) The Policy card to stapled envelope, insurance presentation 18
Roy Johnson Cent three coins in hand, always one is removed and when spectator is asked how many are left in the hand, he is wrong, after some repetition a perfume bottle appears in the handInspired by
  • a routine by Milbourne Christopher in "Hugard's Magic Monthly"
Roy Johnson The Dunbury Delusion Inspired by 27
Frederick Braue The Braue Addition 28
Roy Johnson Tie-Fun 33
Roy Johnson Tootal Tie tie makes a sound, gag 33
Roy Johnson Hypno-Tie tie follows movement of hand, similar to hypnotic handkerchief 35
Roy Johnson The Bargain (with Apologies to Bert Allerton) story presentation, bill vanishes among pieces of newspaperInspired by 37
Roy Johnson Sensitive Fingers naming card when feeling them under table, then cards on either side of a reversed card are predictedInspired by 41
Roy Johnson "Pips-A-Plenty" - or Sensitive Fingers... Plus!!! card is put on spectator's hand and secured with a match box, card is then blank and pips found in box 45
Roy Johnson Mental Card in Wallet - Two Variations on a Theme multiple prediction in wallet, written on playing and visiting cards
(1) Happy Holidays
(2) The "Lucky Box" Prediction
Roy Johnson Solo Coins Through Table with four coins, glass and Okito BoxInspired by 55
Roy Johnson Lapping from a Stack 57
Roy Johnson Beat the Clock bill in orange with game show presentation 63
Roy Johnson The Card and Chewing Gum card to chewing cum 71