Written by Gazzo, Simon Jackson

Work of Gazzo, Simon Jackson

69 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

(33 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bob Read Foreword 1
Gazzo Introduction 4
Gazzo The Streets About being a street performer 7
Gazzo The Luck of the Streets How Gazzo met Persi Diaconis, story about how Persi came to own Vernon's cups 9
Gazzo In The Beginning About how Gazzo got interested in Cups and Balls 10
Gazzo No Drinking Allowed Story about how Gazzo got caught for apparently drinking in public by a cranky police officer 12
Gazzo To Copy or Not to Copy About whether to copy or create your own routine 14
Gazzo Wanna Closer Look? 16
Gazzo Environment About performing environments for Cups and Balls and how to control it 17
Gazzo Animal Farm Story of using chicks as final loads 19
Gazzo Timing 21
Gazzo Appearance How to dress for street performances 22
Gazzo Length of Show How long should your show be? 23
Gazzo Hecklers 25
Gazzo When it Goes Wrong... 27
Gazzo Hats - A Fair Exchange Getting tips 29
Gazzo Simplicity 31
Gazzo Lines Patter for cups and balls 31
Gazzo Props What props Gazzo uses for his routine (Cups, Balls, Pouch, Table, Wand, Fruit, Hat) 39
Gazzo The Moves Talking about the sleights in Cups and Balls 43
Unknown Holding out a Ball Little finger palm of ball 44
Gazzo The False Transfer How should a false transfer look? 44
Unknown The Classic (False) Pass 44
Unknown The French Drop 47
Unknown The Tip Over Load 48
Unknown The Scoop 49
Unknown Stacking Load 49
Unknown Wand Through Cup Classic 50
Unknown The Fruit Load From pouch 50
Unknown The Hat Load Melon 51
Gazzo Revealing the Melon Presentational idea for revealing melon under hat 51
Gazzo The Routine Gazzo's Cups and Balls routine with patter description 53
Gazzo Conclusion: You'll Go Far Kid What Vernon said to Gazzo 67