44 pages (Stapled), published by Rudolf Braunmüller
Illustrated with drawings by Chris Power
Language: German
20 entries
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Chris Power Meine Karte, Deine Karte, Jedermanns Karte card under case, stop trick, two blank cards with messages on them show up and selection appears between them, folded card in case finale
  • Phase 1 - Die Karte wandert unter das Etui
  • Phase 2 - Ihre Karte, Meine Karte, Jedermanns Karte
  • Phase 3 - Und wieder wandert die Karte unter das Etui
  • Phase 4 - Die Karte im Etui
Inspired by
  • routine in Eric Mason's "Stuff"
Chris Power Spread Cull Control Handling
Chris Power Card under Case Load from gambler's cop
Small Packet Bottom Deal
Chris Power Card under Case Load no palm, from top of deck
Chris Power Folded Card Switch
Johnny "J.J." Johnston J. J's Münzenproduktion one coin become four, edge grip work
Chris Power Subtiles Sandwich spectator peeks at a card, later puts two Jokers together in deck, selection appears between them
Step Glimpse
Johnny "J.J." Johnston J. J's Verschwindendes Spiel while finding two selections, pocket ditch
Inspired by 20
Chris Power Das Fächerstehlen "Von oben und aus der Mitte"
fan steal, top card or glimpsed card in center is stolen directly into left-hand cop
Johnny "J.J." Johnston J. J's Ehrgeizige Karte Plus with blank-faced deck, changes into regular deck as climax
Tom Ellis Super Rise Loading Move
Related to 27
Chris Power Münzen Durch Tuch three coins penetrate a transparent handkerchief one by one
Inspired byVariations 28
Chris Power Fernkontrolle card peeked in incomplete faro condition, upper half removed and performer knows position of selection
Chris Power Münzen-Eröffnung coin appears, vanishes, reappears, changes into Chinese coin
Also published here 35
Chris Power Fingertip Production coin from classic palm is produced between fingertips of both hands
Also published here 35
Spellbound Transformation brief
Johnny "J.J." Johnston J. J's Cointraption reverse coin through table, small trapdoor, spongball kicker
Also published here 38
Johnny "J.J." Johnston, Bob Ostin Coin Load under trapdoor
Also published here 39
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