Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Troy Hooser
137 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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Joshua Jay Acknowledgements
Joshua Jay Introduction
Joshua Jay Five Acts Chapter introduction for five of Troy's acts
Troy Hooser The Prize Plastic capsule and toy ring, ring vanishes and appears multiple times, objects start appearing under the cap, including jumbo coin and an explosion of paper money
Variations 17
Troy Hooser Squeezed Away Three coins vanish one by one at fingertips, from Destroyers
Ring Fingertip False Transfer
Troy Hooser Second Prize Shorter version of The Prize, ending is producing many rings
Inspired by 26
Troy Hooser X-Change Blue deck taken from red case - red case changes to blue. Sharpie cross appears on the back of selection and then the whole deck.
Troy Hooser Coins and Hat Three coins produced and vanished, then about a dozen coins are produced and dropped into a hat
Troy Hooser The Bottomless Box Objects produced from bottomless box, strange things happen when placed in it (Produce crystal balls, linking ribbons, spongeball routine, ring links on ribbon)
Inspired by 41
Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders, Tenkai Ishida Tenkai's Pointing Transfer Variant Done with spongeballs
Related to 50
Troy Hooser Jack Act Named four of a kind and named card transpose repeatedly, seven phase routine involving Triumph, Inversion, transposition, vanishes and productions
George Pughe, Ray Kosby, Lance Charles Coffin Change
Also published here 53
Reverse Cull
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
Edward Marlo Wrist Turn Pass
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer
Joshua Jay Coins Intro
Troy Hooser Triple Threat Describes basic handlings for the Triple Threat gimmick by Todd Lassen, two shells and a coin that nests together with magnets
  • Simple Production
  • Three Coin Vanish
Related to 63
Un-nesting Sleight Un-nesting shelled coin
Troy Hooser Triple Threat Purse Three coins pulled out of invisible purse, then placed back in invisible purse
Related to 67
Troy Hooser The World Famous Two Coin Trick Homing Coin type of effect, three coins, remove one coin but it keeps coming back, end with all coins vanishing
Related to 69
Troy Hooser Wand Change Wand used to make three silver coins appear, then change to Chinese coins, uses magnetic coins
Troy Hooser Breast Pocket Ditch Point to your face while ditching stack of coins into breast pocket of jacket, magnetic
Troy Hooser Purse Stack Produce and vanish three coins with invisible purse, uses magnetic coins
Troy Hooser Coin Clipped How to steal a stack of coins into palm position neatly from pocket
Joshua Jay Cards Intro
Troy Hooser Continuous Colors Three quick color changes in a row
Piet Forton Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Troy Hooser Finessed Card To Box Selected and signed card appears inside cardboard box, audience can take the card out themselves
Troy Hooser More Queens Queens vanish one by one, then appear
Inspired by 93
Troy Hooser, Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley ATFUS Variation
One hand Top Palm
Troy Hooser Troy-velers Travelers, four signed cards, travel to pockets and wallet, with one transformation
Inspired by 98
Dan Garrett One-Handed Switch
Troy Hooser Three Eyed Jacks Four jacks and selected card changes places
Troy Hooser Triumph 5.0 Triumph, reveal named four of a kind
Larry Jennings, William Goodwin Triumph Display In The Hands
Joshua Jay Meditations On The Reverse Cull Intro
The Reverse Cull
Related to 110
Troy Hooser Key Card Placement Reverse Cull
Related to 112
Troy Hooser Reverse Cull Popout Card pop out of back of deck
Related to 112
Troy Hooser Bottom Dodge Stack four Aces for any number of hands using only one riffle shuffle, psuedo riffle stack
Troy Hooser Shuffle Dodge Riffle Stacking, presentational ploy to hide hesitations
Troy Hooser Slip Dodge stack four Aces using Reverse Cull
Related to 118
Troy Hooser Stepped Dad Shuffle
Inspired byRelated to 120
Troy Hooser Breakless Passing Pass without break, use breather card
Troy Hooser Afterword
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