Written by Charles T. Jordan

Work of Charles T. Jordan

23 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Benneche.
Language: English

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Charles T. Jordan Preface 1
Charles T. Jordan The Amazing Aces No. 1, four face-down cards put aside, Aces placed into four piles, they vanish are are the face-down cards 2
Charles T. Jordan Partial Packet Switch with left third-finger wedge break, right hand with packet drops some cards on deck and other are placed on remaining card with left fingers from behind 3
Charles T. Jordan Half-Pass Packet Switch back-to-back packet secretly turned over at rear of deck 5
T. Nelson Downs Transposition Extraordinary No. 2, deck separated in red and black, card from red half put in black half, it is predicted and transposes with another red card, halves rubber banded 5
T. Nelson Downs The Downs' Hinge Shift actually apparently just a cut, also as slip cut with left thumb and with rubber banded deck 8
Louis Haley The Straight-Jacket Reversed Card No. 3, selection pushed into rubber banded deck turns over 8
Charles T. Jordan The Triple Escape No. 4, deck with selection is rubber banded cross-wise, cased, rubber banded again and sealed in envelope, yet selection is produced from elsewhere 10
Charles T. Jordan Reverse English on the X-Ray No. 5, x-ray deck openly shown, card from another deck inserted, spectator looks through hole at index, card predicted, repeated 12
Charles T. Jordan The Stabbed Pair No. 6, spectator stabs knife in paper-wrapped deck between two selections 14
Charles T. Jordan The Brain Twister No. 7, deck has hole at one end with thread, selection reverses itself despite thread 15
Charles T. Jordan The Winged Cards No 8, two times ten cards in handkerchiefs, three cards travel across 17
Charles T. Jordan Double Deal brief 17
Charles T. Jordan Count Steal right hand counts cards from deck in left hand one by one, packet stolen at one point from bottom, also as undercount on p. 19Also published here 18
Charles T. Jordan, T. Nelson Downs The Spelling Fool! No. 9, spelling to suits and through values 19
Charles T. Jordan The Suits Unscrambled No. 10, all four Royal Flushes are shuffled together, performer memorized them apparently and brings out named suit from behind back 21
Charles T. Jordan Four-Way Sorting to back or front and up and down joggedRelated to 22