Written by Patrick G. Redford
Work of Patrick G. Redford
52 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Patrick G. Redford The Man Who Sold The World
Patrick G. Redford Tiny World Spectator correctly separates three red cards from three black cards
Related to 8
Patrick G. Redford Small World Spectator correct separates five red cards from five black cards
Related toVariations 14
Patrick G. Redford Mad World - a variation Variation on Small world, changes the timing of the switch
Inspired byRelated toVariations 21
Patrick G. Redford Perfect World Spectator matches numerical value of their cards with the random numerical order of the performer's shuffled packet, five cards each.
Related to 24
Patrick G. Redford Tetrad Switch Open way of rearranging the order of four cards
Patrick G. Redford Unexpected World Variation on Mad World - magician predicts the mistake made in the color separation
Inspired byRelated to 32
Lee Asher Losing Control Used as an optical shift, reverse spread
Patrick G. Redford Full Routine Suggestions on how to routine Tiny World, Small World, Unexpected World, Perfect World, Mad World
Related to 36
Patrick G. Redford Opposites (Still) Attract Royal Marriages, Kings and Queens pair up, not always by suit
Related to 39
Patrick G. Redford Wild World Royal Marriages, but with one same-sex couple
Related to 42
Patrick G. Redford Practical Applications Ideas and applications
Charlier Charlier Shuffle (The False Haymo Shuffle)
Patrick G. Redford Afterthoughts
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