Written by John Riggs
Work of John Riggs
89 pages (Paperback), published by Magic Methods
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr.
Language: English
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Jerry Mentzer Publisher's Foreword
John Riggs Solipsist Cup and Ball Routine ball, wand and cup, different loads then solid cup ending
Ball Steal when covered with cup
John Riggs Palm-to-Palm Load
John Riggs Further Thoughts on Cups and Balls
John Riggs, Warren Stephens Sweet Mystery three pink sweetener packets travel to other hand joining three sugar packets, winged silver
John Riggs Self-Working Rising Business Card loop
John Riggs Anytime Wand from Purse
John Riggs Mr. Jimmy puppet hand in coin purse, throws coin out
Also published here 14
John Riggs Mr. Jimmy Exposed puppet hands and feet appear between performer's hand, joke, more ideas
Also published here 17
John Riggs Coinfusion Two silver coins, one vanishes and the other changes into a smaller copper coin. One silver coin is reproduced, coins across and with the two odd coins
John Riggs Golly Pitch Gallo Pitch variation
John Riggs Backfire Eagles winged silver, with Mr. Jimmy gimmick
Related to 25
John Riggs Coins to Pocket four coins travel one by one to pocket, they arrive with a clink
John Riggs Ambitious Card with Blank Deck
Variations 31
John Riggs The Cold Fold card fold into quarters, bottom of the deck, finesse on Scarne's card fold
Related toAlso published here 31
John Riggs Color Change Case with the Cold Fold
Also published here 33
John Riggs Other Ideas with the Cold Fold
  • color change
  • torn and restored card
John Riggs File Card signed card, deck is shown every card has a label, signed card is marked as "Your Card"
John Riggs Peek Case gaffed case in cellophane
Related to
  • Marc Spelmann's "Glimpse", 2004
John Riggs Rising Card Handling
John Riggs Mullica Wallet Idea independently developed by Bob King, wallet handling
John Riggs Corkscrew side steal to palm, while turning deck
John Riggs The Centerfold Deal false center deal demonstration, two players, four kings, four aces as a climax
Also published here 41
John Riggs Rollover Kings cards shuffled face up / face down, four of a kind is produced and cards all turn into same direction again
Inspired byAlso published here 44
John Riggs The Double Cross four cards on table, selected one is reversed
John Riggs The Linking Cards
Also published here 47
John Riggs On the Presentation of Mentalism
John Riggs Procrastinating Prognostication prediction of selected headline
John Riggs ESP Guessing Game 2000 six blank cards are numbered, spectator guesses where which number is and he is right
Inspired by
  • Orville Meyer's "The ESP Guessing Game"
Related to
John Riggs Design Deception design drawn on blank card is shuffled among other cards, card is found and design duplicated
John Riggs Florariggs bag with bulldog clip, prediction of three numbers, in bag rose for spectator
Inspired by 61
John Riggs A Mullica Wallet Routine prize prediction on receipt in wallet
John Riggs A Bird of Different Feather bag with cards cut in quarters, performer finds pieces of thought of card
Inspired by
  • Robert Baker's "Birds of a Feather" in "Shared Thoughts"
John Riggs The Scissor Steal/Switch
John Riggs The Center Scissor Steal center tear handling, for stealing the piece
John Riggs Scissor Swap coin and ring, travel to same hand
John Riggs Key Shocker
Related to 70
John Riggs The Psychic Shopper grocery bag, performer names two different products several times and spectator can select one each, those products are in the bag and prize tag is sum of numbers spectator have written on a card
John Riggs Slow Motion Gellerism spoon bends and eventually breaks
John Riggs Your Good Fortune, Miss! prediction of a gem stone and a tarot card
John Riggs R.I.P.P. Paper Tear
Inspired by
  • Patrick Page's "Ten Second Paper Tear"
John Riggs Rolled Vanish handkerchief is rolled between hands and vanishes
John Riggs Poor Man's Dream coins are produced, a cookie and a jumbo coin, put in paper bag, then the coins change into jumbo coin
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