Written by Terri Rogers
Work of Terri Rogers
81 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
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Val Andrews Meet Terri Rogers
Also published here 1
Terri Rogers Razor Blades from Mouth
Also published here 4
Terri Rogers The Pirish Compass cardboard arrow that can change direction, tube
  • The Improved Arrow
  • A Final Tip
Also published here 15
Terri Rogers It's a Stick Up signed sticker on back of chosen card, another signed by performer on second card, they transpose
Also published here 26
Tip-Over Change
Terri Rogers Blank Amazement card chosen and predicted, then it changes back, rest of deck blank
Also published here 31
Terri Rogers The Computer Deck multiple cards rise under silk with humorous messages, Devano
Also published here 33
Terri Rogers Bottom's Up pop-out move variation that starts without reversed card
Also published here 38
Terri Rogers The Chinese Twist
Inspired byAlso published here 40
Terri Rogers Smaller'n That deck becomes smaller twice, bottom of close-up pad shown as giant selection
Also published here 44
Terri Rogers The Holey Tube production tube apparatus with holes at the end
Also published here 50
Terri Rogers Shoot Out card jumps out of deck
Also published here 56
Reversing the Card while turning the bottom card over
Val Andrews Patter for the Ace production
Terri Rogers The Italian Rope Trick rope stands upright, can be examined, spaghetti gimmick
Also published here 60
Terri Rogers T.T.F.N. (or The Gambler's Cure) "Tri-Tetra-Flexagon"
card put in flexagon himber type wallet, spectator also puts a signed selection in the card, the first card is shown to be signed selection and spectator's card has funny message
Also published here 64
Terri Rogers Curry Flavour only two piles, for history information see David Britland reference
Related toAlso published here 70
Terri Rogers Try This collection of ideas
Also published here 74
Terri Rogers Guillotines ideas and bits
Also published here 74
Terri Rogers Sponge-Balls ideas and bits
Also published here 75
Terri Rogers Self-Inflating Plastic Bag with large sponge ball as gimmick
Also published here 76
Terri Rogers Flash Paper flower made from flash paper
Also published here 77
Terri Rogers Ring and Rope idea for finger ring on middle of glasses
Also published here 77
Terri Rogers Comedy Prop paint tube gag
Also published here 78
Terri Rogers Final Words
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