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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1991-1992
Bob King Bob King 1993
Rainer Teschner Rainer Teschner 1979
The Definitive Magic of John Ramsay Andrew Galloway John Ramsay 1982
David Acer David Acer 2004
Tom Stone Tom Stone 2007
Mike Maxwell Randy Wakeman 1989
Moritz Mueller Moritz Mueller 2021
Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis Jack Avis, Anthony Brahams Jack Avis 2006
Im Fokus Nr. 3 Christian Scherer Christian Scherer 2018
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) 1960
Spirit Messages the Audience Can See and Hear as They Vis... Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2005
Jimmy Ray Jimmy Ray 1980
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2023
A Glorious Tribute to Myself and My Ideas (Retreat 2022) Joshua Jay Joshua Jay 2022
Magic with Cards that looks like Real Magic José de la Torre José de la Torre 1978
Retreat 2019 Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2019
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Various, Michael Weber, Tim Trono 2012-2015
Frank Garcia Various 1978
Jerry MacGregor Jerry MacGregor 1999
Anson Chen Anson Chen 2023
P.C.A.M. 2001 Lecture Notes David Malek David Malek 2001
Carlos Vinuesa, Miguel Diaz Various 2015
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2013
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2015
Color Series — Part 2 Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1977
A truly impossible card location Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2016
New Ways of Framing Old Favorites Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1994
Adventures with a Fascinating Principle Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 2002
Johnny Albenice Johnny Albenice 1941
Peter Kane Peter Kane 1977
Helder Guimarães Helder Guimarães 2011
Jesús Etcheverry Arturo de Ascanio, Jesús Etcheverry 2020
Bridging the Gap Eric Mead Eric Mead 2003
R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 2006
Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson 2010
Stephen Minch Ken Krenzel 2009
A Coin Routine Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1991
A Coin Routine Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1995 ca.
Bob Miller Bob Miller 1997
Wayne Houchin Wayne Houchin 2014
some new things and some old things from Guy Hollingworth Guy Hollingworth Guy Hollingworth 2015
The COMPLETE restoration of a torn, signed playing card. John Lovick John Lovick 1998
Roberto Giobbi Al Bertini 1987
John Lovick, Asi Wind Asi Wind 2018
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1971
and Other Signature Effects Peter Gröning Peter Gröning 2020
Lecture Notes — April 2012 Max Maven Max Maven 2012
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1986
Joseph Barry Joseph Barry 2014
Retreat 2022 Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2022
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1971
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1974
A Selection of Original Close Up Routines and Concepts John Carney John Carney 1973 (ca.)
Homer Liwag Homer Liwag 2008
Edwin A. Dawes Edwin A. Dawes 2022
Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2002 ca.
The Ultimate Reset R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 2001
Reinhard Müller Reinhard Müller 1983
Reinhard Müller Reinhard Müller 1984
Reinhard Müller Reinhard Müller 1986
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1979
Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1967
Featuring: John Scarne's Shuffle Control Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1987
"Principles of Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups" Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1973
Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1959
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1975
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1984
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1975
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1973
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1973
Ken Simmons Ken Simmons 1986
Ken Simmons Ken Simmons 1987
Issues 1 to 10 Karl Fulves Various 1993-1994
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1973
Philip Reed Willmarth Various 1975
Barry Govan Barry Govan 1992
Dariel Fitzkee Dariel Fitzkee 1946
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series Lewis Ganson Aldo Colombini 1978
12 Dynamite Rising Card Effects Jon Jensen Jon Jensen 1998
Christoph Borer Christoph Borer 1991
Stephen Minch Stephen Minch 1982
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2012
Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson 2017
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1999
Lance Pierce Roger Klause 1991
Roger Crosthwaite Roger Crosthwaite 1997
A Modern Treatise on the Art of Card Magic Justin Higham, Roger Crosthwaite Various, Roger Crosthwaite, Jack Avis 1994
Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2018
The Ultimate Roll-Over Aces Ariel Frailich Ariel Frailich 1979
Notes from "THE Underground Legend" Ron Bauer Ron Bauer 2008
Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova, Ron Jaxon 2013
The Only Six Ways to Restore a Rope Dariel Fitzkee Dariel Fitzkee 1956
Keith Clark Keith Clark 1942
The George Sands MasterWorks Collection — Volume 1 George Sands, Alan Sands George Sands 2014
One Man Knew The Real Secret... And It Was Worth A Fortune! Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2008
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan 1948
Aldini Aldini 1969
Ken De Courcy Ken De Courcy 1968
Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds 2009
Tony Kardyro Tony Kardyro 1941
Senor Charles Mardo Senor Charles Mardo 1945
Lewis Ganson Various 1954
Lewis Ganson Various 1950
Lewis Ganson Lewis Ganson 1952
with Chuck Smith's routine Jeff Busby Jeff Busby, Chuck Smith 1982
Philip Reed Willmarth, Trevor Lewis Trevor Lewis 2009
George Blake, Ken De Courcy Richard Himber, George Blake, Ken De Courcy 1978 ca.
John A. M. Howie John A. M. Howie 1955
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series Lewis Ganson Rovi 1980
Roy Johnson Roy Johnson 1970
Roy Johnson Roy Johnson 1970
Alan Shaxon Alan Shaxon 1972 ca.
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Various 1948
or S.B.S.ing with Himber Jeff Busby Jeff Busby 1973
Kennedy Smith Kennedy Smith 1982
Michael Rubinstein Michael Rubinstein 2020
Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Eric de Brocart, Valéry Vial Jean-Pierre Vallarino 1993
A Close-Up Collaboration Jamy Ian Swiss Scotty York, Jamy Ian Swiss 1988
Tricks und Ideen von Jan Torell Jan Torell Jan Torell 1984
Tom Stone Tom Stone 2014
Gabi Pareras Gabi Pareras 2014
Gabi Pareras Gabi Pareras 2014