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43 books
Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1994
I Am Because We Are (Retreat 2022) Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2022
und deren Anwendung im allgemeinen Zauberprogramm Theophil "Philius" Weidmann, Alessandro de Luca Theophil "Philius" Weidmann, Alessandro de Luca 1983
Mike Maxwell Michael Skinner 1990
A New and Unusual Card Trick Lin Searles Lin Searles 1958
Jon Jensen Robert E. Olson 1998
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1977
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1977
The Penultimate Dream!! Roger Smith Roger Smith 1977
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1978
Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova 2017
Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1997
Verne Chesbro Verne Chesbro 1963
Jack Carpenter Jack Carpenter 2006
Stephen Hobbs Jack Carpenter 2015
Lewis Ganson Dai Vernon 1967
Michael Vincent Michael Vincent 2013
Stephen Minch, Bruce Cervon Bruce Cervon 1990
Chris Rawlins Chris Rawlins 2020
Richard Kaufman Ron Wilson 1987
Lewis Ganson Various 1956
Tricks with rubber-banded decks Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 2004
An Inside Guide for Young Magicians and their Parents Joshua Jay Joshua Jay 2008
The Move And It's Applications Jamie Badman Jamie Badman, Colin Miller 2002
Steve Beam Steve Beam 2001
And Other Sharp Tools for the Thinking Card Magician Arie Vilner Arie Vilner 2009
Issues 1 to 10 Karl Fulves Various 1995-1999
Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1974
Never-Ending Experiments in Strangely Self-Working Conjuring Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer 2017
Richard Kaufman Gary Kurtz 1990
Yod Series Jon Racherbaumer Various 1972
Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1951
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer, Norman Osborn Edward Marlo, Norman Osborn 1953/83
Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova 1988
Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1996
Michael Weber Michael Weber 1990
Lecture Notes Mark Mason Mark Mason 2000
A Lecture on Close-Up Magic Jerry Andrus Jerry Andrus 1957
William Goodwin Larry Jennings 2005
A Lecture on the Card Magic of Larry Jennings Robert Parker Larry Jennings 1990
Danny Korem Danny Korem 1978
Danny Korem Danny Korem 1980
Justin Higham Justin Higham 1988