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Title Subtitle Year
I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 1997
I Did It My Way 1972
I Was Kidnapped Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes 2013
I Won't Play Cards With Him 1931
I'll Read Your Mind 1953
I'm Dancing 2000
Icons Retreat 2019 2019
Ideas 1982
Ideas by Max Lecture Notes — Dallas, June 30, 2011 2011
Ideen von Yuji Yamamoto 1996
The Idiot at the Card Table 1970 (ca.)
If An Octopus Could Palm 2011
If it fits... Sleeve it! All That Glitters: The Magic of Rocco Silano 1990
The Illogical Dribble Force 2007
Ilusionismo — Nur Rückenmuster 1984
Imagery 2016
The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees Four Superb Card Routines 1980
Impossibilia the close-up magic of John Bannon 1990
Impressing Jodie Foster 1999
Impressionistic Poker Demos Cheating demonstrations, impromptu poker deals and pseudo... 2014
Impromptu Card Magic Folio No. 2 1979
The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 1968
Impromptu Holdouts New approaches to the problem of sleeving and retrieving ... 1977
Impromptu Opener 1979
Impuzzibilities Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2002
In a Class by Himself — The Legacy of Don Alan 2000
In Order to Amaze A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic 2016
In Over Your Head! 2000
In Search of the "perfect" Rise The Hunt for a workable Rising Card Routine 2017
In the Mind of Dr. Alex A Wicked Expedition on the Art of Deception by Alex Ng 2015
In-Vestment — Chapter One 2014
The Incorporated Strange Secrets 1939
Incredible Close-Up Magic Professional Magic Series 1982
The Incredible Dr. Jaks 2014
The Incredible Dr. Stanley Jaks 1984
Incredible Full Deck Levitation 1987
Ingenuities 1997
The Inner Circle 1980
Inner Sanctum Cards and Cases — Part 2 1979
Inner Secrets of Card Magic 1959
Innovations a new series of close up miracles 1972-1976
The Innovations Collection Volume 1 1995
Innovative Magic No. 1 1977
Innovative Magic No. 2 1977
Innovative Magic No. 3 1977
Inside Cardmagic 1995
Inside Cardmagic — Band 2 1996
Inside Out 2021
Inside Out 1986-1990
Inside Outs Or For My Next Trick I'll Try One That Works 1979
The Inslow Effect 1997
Inspiration Lecture Note 2014
Inspirations 1987
The Insta-Fax Card Printer #4 in the "Touches" Series! 1993
Instant Magic Square 1983
Institutes of A Coin Magic Fan A Short Treatise on Some Coin Sleights 2018
An Interesting Application of That Principle A Lecture by Jamy Ian Swiss 1987
Interlock Cards #3 1980
The Interlocked Production of Coins 1977
Interlocutor 1975 — 1988 1975-1988
Intermagic Ein Magisches Journal 1973-2001
Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique 1982
The Interrobang Lecture 2017
Intimate Magic 1982
Intimate Miracles The Magic of Dean Dill 1997
Into the 4th Dimension... and Beyond 1973
Introduction to Coin Magic 1978
Intuitional Sight 1938
The Invisible Influence The No Touch Card Act 1951
The Invisible Pass 1946
Invisible Secrets Revealed New Routines With An Invisible Deck 1976
Ireland Writes a Book Original Magical Effects 1931
Ireland's Yearbooks 1934-1970
It Must Be Mindreading 1949
It's a Matter of Style 1997
It's a Matter of Style (2005 edition) 2005
It's All Relative A booklet on card magic detailing The Relativity Change 2006
It's Another Interesting Application Of That Principle 2016
It's Murder! The Baffling Detective Mystery Game 1947
It's Paramiraculous Lecture Notes FISM 1997 1997
It's So Simple 1986