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104 books
Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Harapan Ong Harapan Ong 2023
Allan Ackerman Allan Ackerman 1997
Billy McComb Billy McComb 1972
Some Notes by Ricky Smith Ricky Smith Ricky Smith 2023
Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes Tyler Wilson Tony Chang 2013
William Larsen William Larsen 1931
Aage Darling Aage Darling 1953
Baltazar Fuentes Baltazar Fuentes 2000
P. Howard Lyons Various, P. Howard Lyons 1955-1979
Retreat 2019 Paul Vigil Paul Vigil 2019
Mike Caveney Mike Caveney 1982
Lecture Notes — Dallas, June 30, 2011 Max Maven Max Maven 2011
Yuji Yamamoto Yuji Yamamoto 1996
Val Andrews Val Andrews 1970 (ca.)
Dave Buck Dave Buck 2011
All That Glitters: The Magic of Rocco Silano Steven Schneiderman Rocco Silano 1990
Justin Higham Justin Higham 2007
Carlos Vaquera, Vincent Delourmel, Frantz Réjasse Carlos Vaquera 2019
Arturo de Ascanio Arturo de Ascanio 1984
Sungwon Kim Sungwon Kim 2016
Twenty Very Easy To Do Card Miracles Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1991
Lecture Notes Mahdi Gilbert Mahdi Gilbert 2013
Four Superb Card Routines Lewis Ganson, Walt Lees Lewis Ganson, Walt Lees 1980
the close-up magic of John Bannon John Bannon John Bannon 1990
Michael Weber's Journal of Irreproducible Results Michael Weber Michael Weber 1994
Steve Mayhew Steve Mayhew 1999
Cheating demonstrations, impromptu poker deals and pseudo... Justin Higham Justin Higham 2014
My Best Card Trick Barrie Richardson Barrie Richardson 2005
Folio No. 2 Nick Trost Nick Trost 1979
Joseph K. Schmidt Joseph K. Schmidt 1968
New approaches to the problem of sleeving and retrieving ... Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1977
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1979
Strangely Self-Working Conjuring Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer 2002
Jon Racherbaumer Don Alan 2000
Michał Kociołek Michał Kociołek 2017
A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic Pit Hartling Pit Hartling 2016
Steve Bedwell Steve Bedwell 2000
The Hunt for a workable Rising Card Routine Juha-Matti Ristiharju Juha-Matti Ristiharju 2017
A Wicked Expedition on the Art of Deception by Alex Ng Alex Ng Alex Ng 2015
Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds 2014
Convention Special Various Various 2024
Theodore Annemann Theodore Annemann 1939
Professional Magic Series Gary Ouellet Meir Yedid 1982
Leo Behnke, Robert L. Bluemle Dr. Stanley Jaks 2014
Al Mann, Gene "Phantini" Grant Dr. Stanley Jaks 1984
Ken Krenzel Ken Krenzel 1987
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2008
Stephen Minch Ken Krenzel 1997
Paul Harris Paul Harris 1980
Cards and Cases — Part 2 Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1979
Lewis Ganson Dai Vernon 1959
a new series of close up miracles Charles Reynolds Derek Dingle, Charles Reynolds 1972-1976
Volume 1 Various, Brad Sizemore Various 1995
Roger Smith Various, Roger Smith 1977
Roger Smith Various, Roger Smith 1977
Roger Smith Various, Roger Smith 1977
Oliver Erens Various 1995
Oliver Erens Various 1996
Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2021
Justin Higham Justin Higham, Various 1986-1990
Or For My Next Trick I'll Try One That Works Steve Beam, Don Morris Steve Beam, Don Morris 1979
R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 1997
The Impossible Dream, The Impossible Nightmare Timothy Wenk Timothy Wenk 1988
Lecture Note G G 2014
Jerry Sadowitz, Peter Duffie Jerry Sadowitz, Peter Duffie 1987
#4 in the "Touches" Series! Dan Garrett Dan Garrett 1993
Karl Fulves H. Adrian Smith 1983
A Short Treatise on Some Coin Sleights Jeremiah Zuo Jeremiah Zuo 2018
Lecture Notes Friedrich Roitzsch Friedrich Roitzsch 2022
Friedrich Roitzsch Friedrich Roitzsch 2023
Harvey Berg Harvey Berg 2001
A Lecture by Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 1987
Cards #3 Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1980
Richard Kaufman Richard Kaufman 1977
1975 — 1988 Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1975-1988
Ein Magisches Journal Rudolf Braunmüller Various 1973-2001
Michael Rubinstein Michael Rubinstein 1982
Jon Allen Jon Allen 2017
Jeff Busby Michael Skinner 1982
The Magic of Dean Dill Tim Trono Dean Dill 1997
Psychological Presentations for the Close-Up Entertainer Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1983
Jeff Busby Jeff Busby 1973
Paolo Cavalli Paolo Cavalli 2007
Shigeo Futagawa Shigeo Futagawa 1978
Eddie Joseph Eddie Joseph 1938
Christoph Borer Christoph Borer 2023
Ideas and Routines with Magic's "Forgotten" Trick Deck Chris Wardle Chris Wardle 2003
The No Touch Card Act Eddie Joseph Eddie Joseph 1951
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue 1946
New Routines With An Invisible Deck Mike Schwartz, Eddie Fields Mike Schwartz, Eddie Fields 1976
It Hides in the Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2008
Original Magical Effects Laurie Ireland Laurie Ireland 1931
Laurie Ireland Various, Laurie Ireland 1934-1970
Ken Krenzel Ken Krenzel 1958
George B. Anderson George B. Anderson 1949
A Perfect and Startling New Way to Read Minds Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2004
Jason Womack Bob White 1997
Jason Womack Bob White 2005
A booklet on card magic detailing The Relativity Change Arthur Trace Arthur Trace 2006
Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2016
25 Tricks & Ideas with Cloth Bags Don Tanner Don Tanner 1978
The Baffling Detective Mystery Game Bob Hummer Bob Hummer 1947
Lecture Notes FISM 1997 Ted Lesley Ted Lesley 1997
Fred Kaps, Owen Griffiths Fred Kaps 1986