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Language: Chinese
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G Forward (前言)
G Chi (念) Cigarette balanced on the box, magically moves, spins, and falls off
G Candy Crush (糖果甜心) Increase the number of lives you have on your Candy Crush app (mobile game)
G Wonder's Surprise (惊爆蛋) Selected card vanishes from deck, appears inside sealed Kinder Surprise egg
Inspired by 15
Swing Cut Force Riffle, Stop, Swing Cut
G Lottery (大乐透) Think of a number from a bunch of lottery cards, magician determines which number it is, binary system
G iCASH (乐悠游) Magician uses a picture of his travel / subway card on his phone to tap and open the train gantry
G Flopwitch (美而美) Sandwich effect, spectator names any card and it appears between the Jokers, then spectator names another card and the first card visually changes into the second named card
Inspired by 35
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Switch
Related to 39
G Amnesia (失忆症) You make spectator forget a number you wrote down: you write four numbers, spectator only remembers three
G The Eye (天眼) Spectator stops on and finds magician's card
G Epilogue (后记)
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