Written by Jeff Busby
Work of Michael Skinner
37 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Michael Skinner Thought Projection Pack two spectators choose cards hands off, two halves with different sets of Koran type set-up
Also published here 1
Michael Skinner, Frank Chapman Slow Motion Coin Vanish
Michael Skinner A Multitude of Surprises silver coin appears on handkerchief, changes to copper, jumbo coin appears
Michael Skinner Thrice Severed... Thrice Restored thumb tip
Michael Skinner The Wonderful Coin Trick Revisited coin disappears and reappears, sucker trick with openly visible elastic thread, hook coin
Inspired byAlso published here 12
Michael Skinner Bewildering Ball Vase
Michael Skinner Power Poker two phases, set-up
Inspired byRelated to 22
Unknown Overhand Stack
Michael Skinner The Transfixed Card without mess, credit information
Michael Skinner Side Steal Handling from spread
Unknown Palm Replacement
Michael Skinner All-Fair Card Through Newspaper
Related to 28
Michael Skinner Quadruple Torn Cigarette Paper
Related to 32
Michael Skinner, Joseph Romano Cigarette Paper Transposition cigarette paper with hole burned in center transposes with one with torn off corner
Also published here 35
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