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Harapan Ong I am not a cardist.
Harapan Ong Among the Discarded Selection appears between the two black Aces in a surprising location - not in the deck where they are placed, but on the table where the two red Aces were
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Harapan Ong The Last Trick of Dr. Siva Dr Daley's Last Trick done with Siva Count
Inspired by 9
Jack Avis Siva Count
Harapan Ong, George Hage You As I You Do As I Do effect, you find spectator's card, they find yours.
Harapan Ong (Maybe) I am a cardist.
Harapan Ong Dynamite Triumph Flourishy Triumph effect, deck is tossed in the air and deck flips around to fix itself.
Daren Yeow Dynamite Deck Flip Flourishy variant on the T.G. Murphy Deck Flip
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Harapan Ong Revolver Shot Two-handed version of the Hot Shot Cut where card pops out of the deck in a surprising manner
Inspired by 39
Harapan Ong Gen-Aces Fancy Ace location sequence with two-handed cut sequence
Harapan Ong The Gen-Aces Cut False two-handed flourishy cut
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