Written by Arthur Trace
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38 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Arthur Trace Relative To What?
Arthur Trace The Relativity Change Card held in hands changes visibly
Also published here 6
Arthur Trace 180 a packet of cards turn over magically, then turn back over to prove that the magician is flipping the room upside down. The center card of the packet then changes, and the magician's spectacles are found upside down too
Also published here 8
Arthur Trace Causal Effect
Arthur Trace The One-Handed Relativity Change Mini card held in hand grows into poker sized card instantly
Arthur Trace Relative Transformation Spectator selects a random mini card, it grows into a poker sized card
Arthur Trace Spatial Exchange torn corner transposes with torn card
Also published here 21
Arthur Trace In Between First selection appears between two black Aces, and tabled. Second card appears between the Aces, but turns out to be first selection, card on table is now second selection
Inspired by 24
Arthur Trace Who You Fooling? (Gag for magicians) A top change is apparently executed, but card is shown not to have switched
Arthur Trace The Relativity Switch Out Card is switched while tossed on table
Arthur Trace Relative Prediction Open prediction changes to match selection, first published in Artwerks (Arthur Trace, 2005)
Inspired by
  • "Closed Open Prediction" (Troy Hooser, DesTROYers, 2001)
Arthur Trace Closing Thoughts
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