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27 pages (Stapled), published by PH Marketing Publication
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Chris Wardle Introduction: The Origins of the Mene-Tekel Deck credit information
Chris Wardle The Mene-Teke Deck - Construction long-short
Chris Wardle Handling the Mene-Tekel Deck overhand and riffle shuffling a long-short deck, cutting the deck, having a card selected
Chris Wardle The "CW Mene-Tekel" Deck mates instead of duplicates
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Chris Wardle Two at Once two spectators each choose a card from half the deck, the halves are tied with a ribbon and put in two pockets, performer finds both quickly
Chris Wardle What's In A Name? two piles dealt, then a name spelled from both piles, the cards on the last letter are duplicates, or mates in a variation
  • What's In A Name Variation - Using the "CW Mene-Tekel" Deck
Henry Gavin Gavin Cut accidentally leaving card on table when picking up deck after cut
Chris Wardle Friends Reunited card chosen, spectator then locates its mates with cut deeper force, no-touch, menetekel with mates
Chris Wardle Come Together three spectators cut to cards in thirds of the deck, cards lost, they come to top
Chris Wardle Card in Muffin card chosen and signed, then folded, given to spectator in silk where it vanishes and reappears on cake or somewhere else
Chris Wardle Trapped! two chosen cards are predicted with two duplicates between two sheets of plexiglass
Chris Wardle Mental Erasure card signed on back, the signature vanishes
Chris Wardle Any Number Called For wallet placed on deck after counting down to named number
  • A Variation - Using the "CW Mene-Tekel" Deck
Inspired by
  • "I Read It In A Book!" (Alan Maskell)
Chris Wardle The Time Machine top card put in black card box prop, it vanishes and is back on top
Chris Wardle Mind Reading By Proxy
Chris Wardle The "Black Seven and Black Eight Trick" Outdone! two cards lost and found, actual duplicates instead of pseudo ones
Chris Wardle Twin-Card in Wallet mate of selection is in wallet, menetekel deck with mates
Chris Wardle A Further "CW Mene-Tekel" Variation Plus Ideas For Its Use kind of "Multeffect Cards" type deck with various effects
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Chris Wardle Further Reading two references
Chris Wardle About the Author
Paul Hallas And Finally, A Word From The Publisher
Mark Elsdon Boxed Tekel two cards pocketed, the Jokers whisper the names to the performer, Jokers put in case, then pocketed cards shown, then they transpose with the cased Jokers
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