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Allan Hagen (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Serendipity 2017
Eleven Lecture Notes 2017

Trevor H. Hall (1)

Howard Hamburg (1)

Alex Hansford (1)

Chatting about an art which doesn't seem to be an art. (c...

David Harkey (1)

A Collection of Magical Presentations

Dan Harlan (1)

The Minotaur
"Half Bull, Half Magic"

Ben Harris (1)

Paul Harris (16)

Henry Harrius (1)

Lecture Notes

Pit Hartling (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Das kleine grüne Heft 1998
Card Fictions Seven performance pieces with an ordinary deck 2003
In Order to Amaze A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic 2016

Jerry K. Hartman (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Means & Ends (1980 reprint used) 1973
Loose Ends (1980 reprint used) 1978
CAAN Craft 2010

Mike Helmer (1)

Justin Higham (4)

Title Subtitle Year
The Simulation of Miracles 2001
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 2005
Dexterity Manual Instructions for over three dozen sleight-of-hand moves a... 2008
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 2014

John Northern Hilliard (3)

Title Subtitle Year
The Art of Magic (2nd edition from 1921 used) 1909
Greater Magic (see also additional material from the 1994 edition) 1938
More Greater Magic The Additional Material from the Kaufman & Greenberg ... 1994

Kevin Ho (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Smooth Operations Tools, Inventions and Applications for the Modern Card Ma... 2008
Stupid Horrible Immature Tricks 2014

Stephen Hobbs (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Modus Operandi The Card Magic of Jack Carpenter 1992
Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 1994
Magical Wishes 1994
The Looking Glass Complete File (Winter 1996, Spring 1996, Summer 1996, Win... 1996-1998
Ultimate Hold 'Em 2015

Professor Hoffmann (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Modern Magic 1876
Tricks with Cards A Complete Manual of Card Conjuring 1889
More Magic 1890
Later Magic (beginning with page 557 the content was added to the exp... 1903/1911
Magical Titbits 1911

Hannes Höller (1)

Einfach Wunderbar - Wunderbar Einfach
Handbuch des Stripper-Spiels

Guy Hollingworth (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Notes on Card Tricks and Other Diversions German Lecture Notes 1996
Drawing Room Deceptions 1999
Quartet a fake card and ten routines therewith 1999
Excerpts FISM Lecture Notes 2000
Renovations some new things and some old things from Guy Hollingworth 2015

Charles Hopkins (1)

"Outs" Precautions and Challenges
For Ambitious Card Workers

Tomoya Horiki (1)

Baby, please fool me.

John Hostler (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Magnum Opossum A Few Decades of Untamed Magic 2016
Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles A Left-Leaning Collection of Magic and Paranormal Fakery 2018

Wayne Houchin (1)


Jean Hugard (15)

Title Subtitle Year
Mental Magic with Cards 1935
Coin Magic A Complete Manual of Coin Conjuring (1972 edition used) 1935
Thimble Magic 1936
Card Manipulations Series No. 1 - 5 (1933 - 1936) 1936
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks edited by John J. Crimmins Jr. 1936/37
Expert Card Technique Third Edition 1940/50
The Stripper Deck Miracle Methods No. 1 1941
More Card Manipulations Series No. 1 - 4 (1938 - 1941) 1941
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks Miracle Methods No. 2 1942
Prepared Cards and Accessories Miracle Methods No. 3 1942
Tricks and Sleights Miracle Methods No. 4 1943
The Invisible Pass 1946
The Royal Road to Card Magic 1948
Show Stoppers with Cards 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV June 1943 - May 1947 1996

Ralph W. Hull (2)

Title Subtitle Year
"Eye-Openers" An Unsurpassed Collection of Card Tricks for Amateur as W... 1932
More "Eye-Openers" Impromptu Card Tricks for Parlor, Club or Stage 1933