Written by Chuck Hickok
Work of Chuck Hickok
184 pages (Hardcover), published by Developmental Productions Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Chuck Hickok Acknowledgements
Chuck Hickok Deidcation
Barrie Richardson Foreword
Chuck Hickok Introduction
Chuck Hickok My Journey Toward Performing
Chuck Hickok Entertainment and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences
Chuck Hickok Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences Guideline One: A Unifying Theme
Guideline Two: Believability
Guideline Three: Exclusivity
Guideline Four: Increasing Impossibility
Guideline Five: Multiple Moments of Amazement
Guideline Six: Innocent or Natural Props
Guideline Seven: Maximum Impact
Guideline Eight: A Likeable Persona
Chuck Hickok Three Kinds of Pre-Show Work on pre-show and preparations before a gig
Chuck Hickok My Opener: Einstein's Demise
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Chuck Hickok Demonstration Two: Triple Influence prediction of brand of a gum, postcard and line on newspaper article, on a a banner
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  • Vibrations, Chuck Hickock
Chuck Hickok Demonstration Three: People Reading Plus five people draw something on cardboard
Inspired by 81
Chuck Hickok Demonstration Four: Books Galore using multiple books, different gaffed verisons
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Chuck Hickok Demonstration Five: Anything Can Be Learned spectator divines symbol, number and word from other spectator, dotted information
Chuck Hickok My Closer: Final Forecast prediction of multiple information to close show, in an envelope
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Chuck Hickok Hickok's Way-Ahead Envelope strategy for predictions in multiple envelopes
Chuck Hickok My Disclaimer
Chuck Hickok Three Bonus Demonstrations chapter intro
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration One: Learning the Almost Impossible teaching the audience to say the alphabet backwards in five minutes
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration Two: State of Mind flashcards with names of US states, one is named and on the back is name of spectator, different names on other cards
Inspired by 148
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration Three: Mega-Memory Miracle memorizing sets of mixed design / picture cards
Inspired by
  • Bob Cassidy's "Memorized Deck Routine" in "The Art of Mentalism II"
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Chuck Hickok Mega Memory Kicker cards which were not used are named, with picture / design cards
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Chuck Hickok Appendix
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Presentation Requirements
  • Introduction
  • Checklist
  • "Einstein's Demise" Handout
  • "Learning the Almost Impossible" Handout
  • Certificate
  • Books and Supplies
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