Written by Justin Higham
Work of Justin Higham
41 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
30 entries
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Justin Higham Foreword
Section 1: Demonstration Cheating Moves
Justin Higham Behind-the-Hand Switch
  • As a Pseudo Blackjack Switch
  • As a Full Packet Switch
Inspired by 2
Justin Higham Two-Stage Sequence Switch choreographed handling
Inspired by 5
Justin Higham Push-Forward Unload Switch (with Chip Cover) with chips or banknotes
  • Bank-Note Unload Switch
Inspired by 7
Will Houstoun Lateral-Palm Swivel Switch
  • No-Lap Clean-Up
Inspired byVariations 9
Justin Higham Ringing In a Fooler tabled deck switch choreography involving a packet
  • Fake Deck Switch
  • The "Appearing-Deck" Packet Switch
Section 2: Magic Switches
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun Casual Palm-Replacement Switch
  • Illogical CPR Switch
  • 1-of-2 CPR Switch
  • 2-for-2 Spread Version (Will Houstoun)
  • 1-of-2 Spread Version
  • 1-of-2 Squared Version
  • Modified CPR Switch (Will Houstoun)
Inspired by 15
Justin Higham Secret-Transfer Switch
Variations 21
Justin Higham Secret-Transfer Deal-Off Switch
Inspired by 22
Will Houstoun Turn-and-Spread Transfer Switch partial switch
  • As a Three-of-Four Switch
Inspired by 23
Section 3: Pseudo Hold-Card Switches
Justin Higham Tip-Up Hole-Card Switch
  • With a Forward-Tabling Action
Justin Higham Underhand Hole-Card Switch 1
Inspired by 27
Justin Higham Underhand Hole-Card Switch 2
Justin Higham Modified Kardyro Hold-Card Switch
Inspired by 29
Justin Higham Further Reading five hold-card switch references
Bobby Bernard, Justin Higham Two-Faced Hand Muck fake muck demonstration
David Davies Simulated-Placement Flick Switch
Inspired by 32
Daniel Madison, Benjamin Earl Arm-Rest Muck
  • Lap Variation
  • Credit
Also published here
  • Subterfuge One video (Daniel Madison)
Justin Higham Pseudo Turnover Switch palmed card is switched in
  • As an Addition
  • As a 1-of-2 Switch
Section 4: Effects
Justin Higham Mechanical Queens Revisited two pairs of a red and black Queen each placed in two corners, two of the Queens transpose
Inspired by 37
Justin Higham Being a Magician Kings change to Aces, Kings then shown reversed in deck
Justin Higham Spread-Cover Unload Aces four chosen cards turn out to be the Aces
Justin Higham Spread-Cover Unload Switch tabled, deck spread over switched-out cards
Justin Higham An Extra Layer of Deception handling for a packet switch demonstration
Justin Higham Instant Strip-Out Addition
Also published here 41
Justin Higham General Note on Presentation
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