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Nelson Hahne (13)

Title Subtitle Year
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks edited by John J. Crimmins Jr. 1936/37
You'd be Surprised 1937
The Magic Annual for 1937 Magic and Illusions 1937
Do That Again! 1939
The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 Magic and Illusions 1939
After the Dessert (later Holden edition used) 1941
More Card Manipulations Series No. 1 — 4 (1938 — 1941) 1941
Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks 1943
Modern Coin Magic (Additional material from revised edition) 1952
The New Modern Coin Magic The additional material from the revised edition (Content... 1966
Stranger Mysteries 1967
Faro Fantasy 1968
On the Acrobatic Cards 1968

Susanne Hangschlitt (2)

Title Subtitle Year
The Double Decker 2019
The Florida Notes 2019 2019

David Harkey (1)

A Collection of Magical Presentations

Dan Harlan (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Garrett Does The U.K. 1991
Garrett In The U.S.A. 1992
The Sleight Album The Magic of Aaron Fisher 1995
Lost Studio Sessions 1996

Ed Harris (4)

Joe Hartel (2)

Kazuyuki Hase (1)

Eric Haylock (1)

Fred Haywood (2)

Title Subtitle Year
A Card Session with Peter Kane (second edition from 1975 used) 1967
Another Card Session with Peter Kane 1971

Thomas Hierling (3)

Title Subtitle Year
New Wave Close-Up 1987
First there was a dream Now there is reality 1988
Hardcore Close Up / Bühne 1991

James Hilston (1)

Robert Hirsch (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Encore II The Command Performance Series 1981
The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia — Part I 1982
The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia — Part II 1982
For Your Eyes Only (German translation by Thomas van Büren Lenger) 1984
The Magic of Michael Ammar 1991

James Hodges (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Gaetan Bloom 86 Clever New Magic From France's Foremost Creative Magician 1986
Jean Garance 1990
La Magie de Michael Weber 1990

Guy Hollingworth (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Drawing Room Deceptions 1999
Excerpts FISM Lecture Notes 2000
Renovations some new things and some old things from Guy Hollingworth 2015

Gordon M. Howatt (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Deck Deception 1942
Shoot the Works A Complete Manual of Dice Manipulation 1943
Off the Top 1945
Mental Cases With Cards 1946
Marlo In Spades 1947

Norman J. Howe (1)

James Howells (1)