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Title Subtitle Year
52 Memories 2007
The First Five Jack Parker: The Early Years 2007

Title Subtitle Year
You'd be Surprised 1937
Do That Again! 1939
Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy Jinx Programme No. 5 1956
Great Tricks Revisited Thoughts on Classics 1995

Coin Snatching
The Reputation Builder

El Puente Invisible
Una Sesión de Magia con Baraja, Cello, Piano y Violín

Title Subtitle Year
Successful Magic 1970 ca.
15 Mikrotricks 1971
Neue Magische Ideen 1983
M wie Magie Magnetische Magie 1995

Title Subtitle Year
The World-Famous Bowl Routine A Practical, Powerful And Entertaining Routine For the Bi... 2005
Elements The Lecture, The Book 2010

Title Subtitle Year
From the Depths The Lecture Notes of Mike Pisciotta 2016
The Workshop — The Notes of Mike Pisciotta 2017
As Within, So Without Some Card Magic and Abstractions 2019
As Above, So Below Some Conjuring and Daydreams 2020

Title Subtitle Year
Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle A Handling of Herb Zarrow's Full-deck False Shuffle that ... 2004
Lecture Notes — The Second Super Session Dallas, Texas 2004
Lecture Notes — Honolulu Hawaii 2011

Moby Trick
Heft zum Seminar

Title Subtitle Year
Some Assembly Required 2016
A New Angle 2017
Distilled 2020

The Art of Legerdemain Discovered
"Hocus Pocus Junior"

Laid Back in Graz 1990
Das Chris Power & Johnny Johnston Seminar

Title Subtitle Year
Powerful Magic 1983
Top Secret Stuff The Close Up Magic of Michael Powers 1990
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 1992
Power Plays High Voltage Magic 2006
Tesseract Magic — The Hidden Dimension 2019

A Method for Stacking an Unmarked Deck in Two Deals