Written by Michael Powers
Work of Michael Powers
104 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Michael Powers
Language: English
50 entries
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Donald Powers The Magician poem
Michael Powers Forward
Michael Powers Deduce is Wild four Twos put in case, three cards signed and put on table, one Two removed and it changes into each selection one by one, then selections transpose with remaining three Twos in case
Richard Kaufman Semi-Circular Switch using the deck
Also published here 2
Father Cyprian Quick Change
Allan Ackerman Case Unloading
Michael Powers The amBIGuous Card card chosen, miniature selection jumps out of deck, grows and shrinks again
Inspired byAlso published here 7
Michael Powers Counter-Intuitive Transpo Matching the Cards meets Reset in a weird effect combination
Michael Powers Four-Tune Hunter named four-of-a-kind produced
Michael Powers Half-Pass Stabbing Force deck starts reversed under top card
Reinhard Müller Three-Card Catch
Michael Powers Blank Monte monte with three blank cards and Jack of Hearts, all change to Aces at the end
Inspired by 19
Glenn Bishop, Al Bach Deluxe Open Travellers card to case finish, no extra cards
Michael Powers Spectator Becomes Magician two selections, spectator touches card in spread, selections shown on both sides of it
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Michael Powers Color Ambitious ambitious card with color changing back kicker
Henry Christ, Theodore Annemann Alignment Move
Paintbrush Change Variation KM like
Related to 30
Chuck King Slide-Under Double Lift Substitute slide-under switch action with alignment move type action to get a card underneath a single on top of the deck
Related to 31
Michael Powers Thought Photography two blank cards are signed on the back, their faces become two previous selections
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change side-jogged double
Michael Powers The Off Color Vanish Bizarre Twist and Vanish
Inspired by 38
Michael Powers Quadratic Aces three cards selected, then slow-motion Ace Assembly, then the other three packets are shown to consist of four-of-a-kinds corresponding to selections
Michael Powers Programmed Lie Detector computer program, trick performed by spectator with computer only, computer version of Aronson's Lie Sleuth
Inspired by 45
Edward Marlo The Zero Second Stack Aces put on top of deck, spectator says "go" and performer immediately "stop", Aces dealt to five players, stacking during display sequence
Inspired by 50
Edward Marlo Olram's One Riffle Stack
Edward Marlo Ambitious Marlo
  • Ambitious II
Edward Marlo Slide-Under Double Lift Substitute technical variation, slide-under switch action with alignment move type action to get a card underneath a single on top of the deck
Related to 56
Michael Powers International Reverse Matrix Plus
Inspired by 59
Bill Diedrich The Squished Nickel nickel is pressed flat by squeezing it with bare hands
Michael Powers Flourish Coin Production coin produced, coin roll, a second coin produced
Gary Kurtz Fusion two half-dollars transform into dollar
Inspired byVariations 66
Michael Powers Fusion Plus two quarters become a half-dollar, repeat, then two half-dollars transform into dollar, lapping
Inspired byVariations 67
Michael Powers, Jay Sankey Fusion Plus Standing two quarters become a half-dollar, repeat, then two half-dollars transform into dollar, no-lap version
Inspired by 69
Michael Powers The Shrinking Dime dime changes into miniature dime on close-up pad
Michael Powers The Convertible Case miniature card case grows into normal case, deck put inside
Michael Powers The Power Case Arrco case has holes, gaffed case which can simulate that something is in it or not with sliding card section
  • Applications (see next entries)
Michael Powers The Vanishing Deck using Power Case
Inspired by 82
Michael Powers Color Changing Deck using Power Case
Michael Powers Signed Card Appears in card case, using Power Case
  • Variation
Variations 84
Michael Powers A Thought getting the spectator to sign on a different card than he thinks, low spot card, using Power Case
Simon Aronson Simon Aronson's Idea signed card appears in card case, using Power Case
Inspired by 85
David Solomon, Tom Niesen Cased Inversion deck turns over in case with hole except selection, using Power Case
Jay Sankey Celluloid Sell color change in case with hole, also signed, using Power Case
Jay Sankey Sponge Ball Production in Power Case
Jay Sankey Business Card Business business card appears in card case with hole, using Power Case
Jay Sankey Meltdown cards in case are wrapped in foil which is vanished and reappears around deck as finale, using Power Case
Related to 89
Michael Powers Packman cigarette pack transforms into cased deck of cards
Michael Powers The Ultimate Color Changing Card Case
  • Overview
  • Tools
  • The Construction
  • Afterthoughts (credit information)
  • The Color Change
Variations 94
Edward Marlo The Marlo Handling
Inspired by 104
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