Written by Barry Price
Work of Barry Price
61 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Mitchell
Language: English
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Barry Price Welcome!
Barry Price Torn-Stapled-Restored! except one quarter, loose pieces are stapled together as gag, restored card minus corner shoots out when deck is riffled
Inspired by 1
Barry Price Cheating - Plus! Maxi-Twist-Variation with two changes, four-of-a-kind changes to Jokers and then to Kings, Kings then found in card case and deck
Inspired by 4
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Out-jogged Glide from small packet
Barry Price, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Ve Beginser Hofzinser
Bottom Palm Replacement
Barry Price The Half Dollar Thru Borrowed Ring
Barry Price Thought To Order deck shown mixed, performer shuffles while spectators decide on a card, named card is taken from pocket and deck is now in order, faros
Barry Price The Faro Shuffle
  • What Is It That Attracts Magicians To The Faro Shuffle?
  • The Ins And Outs Of The Faro Shuffle
  • Caution, Please
Barry Price An Easy Faro Palm
Barry Price, Jean Faré Topsy Turvy Plus One! four-of-a-kind named, card peeked at, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, quartet produced, then all cards are face down except selection
Related to 18
Barry Price ASAP! - Any Selection, Any Position two cards peeked at, first performer names and number, performer counts to it and selection is found face up, repeat with second selection and spectator counts to it
Barry Price Double Take two cards peeked at, face card changes into the selections one by one
Barry Price Double-Double-Double Take two halves of the deck are stepped, faces outwards, face cards of both halves change twice, e.g. to red Aces, then black Aces
Barry Price The Devilish Miracle - For Experts
Edward Marlo Throwing Doubles Two Card Throw
Barry Price Price's Tabled-Double Switch double turned over with deck in hand, face-card stolen away
Also published here 28
Barry Price The No-Nonsense In-Hands Action "Triumph" in-the-hands
Inspired by
  • "Impossible Triumph" (Larry Jennings, Classical Magic of Larry Jennings video tape)
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display
Barry Price Fireworks Five Finale five selections
KM Move
Larry Jennings Deck Vanish copped during card-to-pocket phase
Ross Bertram Ross Bertram Switch
Barry Price LightSpeed Cards To Pocket with a "LightSpeed Device" in the pocket that isn't explained in detail
Variations 38
Barry Price The Breakaway Palm palming multiple cards from below top card, into clip position or flat palm
  • Gambler's Flat Palm
Also published here 38
Barry Price Chanel No. 2 with a "LightSpeed Device" in the pocket that isn't explained in detail
Inspired by 44
Barry Price Price's Protean Pack whole deck shrinks to miniature deck (with rise-rise-rise) as ending of a torn/restored routine, hollowed-out solid deck of cards
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish here with torn card pieces
Barry Price A Switch In Time lapping
Barry Price Three Ring Circus two cards turn over and are used to count down to three selections in two piles
  • A New Solution
Inspired by 51
Edward Marlo, Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hoc Chuan Pass
Related to 52
The Mechanical Reverse
Barry Price The Sun, Moon - And Beyond copper/silver transposition, with Kaps-handling in spectator's hand
Inspired by 56
Tenkai Ishida The Goshman Pinch/Tenkai Back Clip
  • Retrieval
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