second edition from GrupoKaps used, first edition ca. 1988
Written by Gabi Pareras
Work of Gabi Pareras
51 pages (E-book), published by GrupoKaps
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Language: Spanish
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Mac McDonald, Dai Vernon La Rutina de los 100 Dolares de Mac Donald three double facers, translation from "Ilusionismo" N° 192, 1963
Also published here 2
Gabi Pareras Ases de Mano a Mano using six gaffed cards
Gabi Pareras Asamble Triunfal de Ases (Con Cartas Gigantes) Aces appear after triumph, one card is a ten which indicates position of fourth Ace, followed by Assembly, with jumbo cards
  • Ia Fase - La aparición de los ases
  • 2a Fase - Asamblea triunfal
Also published here 17
Daryl Martinez Triumph Cutting Display without credit
Gabi Pareras Variante Sobre Daryl Martinez four-of-a-kind appear in other packets
Gabi Pareras Las Damas Voladoras with signed cards, last signed queen transposes with card signed by performer
  • Ia Fase - El monton de las cuatro damas
  • 2a Fase - Los cuatro montones indiferentes
  • 3a Fase - El reparto de las damas
  • 4a Fase - La reunió de las cuatro damas
  • 5a Fase - La elección y posterior transposición de la dama de corazones y el tres de picas
Frederick Braue Braue Addition
Gabi Pareras Las Almas Errantes with signed cards, with blank cards, similar construction as Las Damas Voladoras
Gabi Pareras Comodines Progresivos Progressive Ace Asembly using Jokers, Jokers are back in separated packets as climax
  • Ia Fase - Exposición de las cartas
  • 2a Fase - El primer comodin
  • 3a Fase - El segundo comodin
  • 4a Fase - El tercer comodin
  • 5a Fase El cuarto y ultimo comodin
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