Written by Ellison Poland
Work of Ellison Poland
80 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ellison Poland
Language: English
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Ellison Poland Foreword
Ellison Poland Color Change Caper wink change handling, face card changes under cover of fan
Related to 7
Ellison Poland Turnabout two cards from two decks are chosen and exchanged, they match
Ellison Poland Push-Off Double Lift push-off with break
A Simple Top Palm
Ellison Poland Have A Life Saver anecdote about being handed round playing cards in impromptu situation
Ellison Poland It Takes A Thief selection is in one packet, pecking bird finds card amongst other cards
Ellison Poland The Great Multiple Shift side-jogged cards, to top
  • Strip-Out No. 1
  • Strip-Out No. 2
  • Strip-Out No. 3
  • Strip-Out No. 4
Inspired by 16
Diagonal Insertion to side-jog
Ellison Poland A Variation Of The Buckley Reverse packets kiss before tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired by 22
Aaron Black No. 1 Nothing Move straight in-the-hands false cut, halves turned over during cutting action
Variations 24
Richard Spainhour No. 2 Nothing Move straight in-the-hands false cut, halves turned over during cutting action
Inspired by 24
Aaron Black No. 1 Running Cut To Preserve Top Stock cards turned face-up during cutting action
Aaron Black No. 2 Running Cut To Preserve Top Stock Hindu shuffle position
Bill Spooner Spooner's Mission Impossible card lies on table and is flicked into tabled deck next to selection, or value of that card used to count to card
Inspired by 26
Bill Spooner Spooner's Supreme Control locator card control
Bill Spooner Drop In-Jog Handling drop in-jog when two packets are placed together
Inspired by 31
Bill Wysong Wysong's Duplicity Rosini's Double Reverse handling using a duplicate
Related to 33
Ellison Poland The 'Mazing Card Work Of Gene Maze section intro, trick extracted from Gene Maze's manuscript "For Your Pleasure"
Gene Maze Buckle Count Reverse cards in small packet shown one by one, one card hidden and it ends up reverse
Gene Maze Rapid Flight card travels from one five-card packet to another
Gene Maze The Universal Stock stack and second deal combination to deal out the Aces for three to seven players
Related to 39
Gene Maze Shades Of Bill Simon six reds and six blacks
Variations 43
Gene Maze The Changeling Aces without double lifts
Related to 46
Max Williams The Max Williams Shuffle Reverse packet reverse during overhand shuffle
Gene Maze The 'Mazing Card Stab with knife in deck
Gene Maze Doin' Your Own Thing performer fails to find card, then spectator finds it
Variations 54
Gene Maze, Ellison Poland Transposition Me'lange' with second deal
Ellison Poland One Hand Transposition
Don Reavis Reavis Reverse
Aaron Black E Pluribus Unun Coin Pass three overlapping coins tossed in other hand
Ellison Poland Bird In Glass Cage
Aaron Black A Rattle-Killing Tip shell lined with aluminum foil so it does not tinkle
Also published here 66
Milton Kort Bottom's Up coin drops through hole at the bottom of a glass that is too small, see 1994 reference for Kort credit information
Related to 67
Ellison Poland Through The Table - One More Time five coins
Harry Milliken Coincerto For Left Hand one-handed routine in which coin appears, changes, changes back, vanishes
The Finger-Palm Acquitment Ramsay subtlety
Harry Milliken The One Hand Complete Coin Vanish ditch into breast pocket
Variations 74
Harry Milliken "and Here's Your Change" one-handed change of half dollar into quarter, ditch in breast pocket
Inspired by 75
Ellison Poland Conjuring Coins Concocted
  • home-made copper-silver coin with foil impression
  • making magnetic coins
Ellison Poland Magical Organizations, Publications And Dealers
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