Written by Barry Price
Work of Barry Price
74 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Mitchell
Language: English
35 entries
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Barry Price Welcome! comparing Beethoven with Erdnase
Barry Price 4½ Second Poker Stack three Aces face up on bottom, one on top, stacked for five hands
Inspired by 1
Barry Price Reset Revisited four Kings tabled, Aces in hand change to Kings one by one and then back, on table are the Eights, transformation kicker
Barry Price Second Card Packet Palm palming the second card in small packet, for color change
Barry Price The Stealth Stack Aces placed reversed at different positions where spectator's say stop during riffling, immediately a five-handed game is dealt out and all Aces are stacked
Bluff Spacing with out-jogged cards
Center Block Pass
Barry Price Price's Stealth Switch
Also published here 14
Barry Price The Expert's Visitor
  • Phase One: Makin' A Sandwich - Up There!
  • Phase Two: A New Visit
Inspired by 17
Edward Marlo Immovable (Stradle) Shift brief
Related to 19
Barry Price Price's Top Cop from top of deck
Also published here 24
Barry Price Impossible Triple Revelation three signed cards to three different pockets
Barry Price Card from Pocket Handling inner jacket pocket
Inspired by 28
Barry Price The Plate From Nowhere - The Expanded Imp Pass plate appears on table
Barry Price Avenging Aces card peeked, black Jack on top and bottom of deck gradually trap selection, Jacks change to red Aces, Jacks removed from case
Barry Price Price's Top Cover Change using clip palm
Barry Price Eidetified kind of visual Chicago Opener routine, odd-backed card is shown to be selection, then changes to second selection, back changes as well
Edward Marlo Eidetic Change
Also published here 43
Barry Price Clip Palm Change card comes in via clip palm, and out via cop
Barry Price Throwing Doubles
Edward Marlo The Two Card Throw card tossed from deck onto table
The Two Card Drop card placed from deck onto table one-handed, back of hand up, see also page 52
The Back Hand Double card tossed from deck onto table one-handed, back of hand up
Shooting Doubles
Related to 47
Barry Price Multiple Doubles short comment
Barry Price Multiple Packets short comment
Barry Price Kaleideckscope ambitious card routine with color changing deck kicker
  • Phase One: And Brutus Said Caesar Was Ambitious
  • Phase Two: A Short Rise
  • Phase Three: Another Nifty Nuance
  • Phase Four: Throwing For A Change
  • Phase Five: The Visual Rise
  • Phase Six: Further Expanding The Action
  • Phase Seven: An Impossible Transposition
  • Phase Eight: Igniting The Pilot Light
  • Phase Nine: Setting The Room Ablaze
  • Phase Ten: All Cleaned Up - Even The Ashes!
Barry Price The Price Table Switch double turned over with deck in hand, face-card stolen away
Also published here 52
Barry Price A Visual Change, Face Up - And In The Middle out-jogged card is pivoted
Inspired by 57
Barry Price The Flex Change
Inspired by
  • "Flexible Move" (Ed Marlo)
Barry Price Flash/Trans one card placed in pocket, it transposes with card in hand, repeat with visual transformation, without deck
Barry Price Hofzinser Change Cop Steal doing Hofzinser Change action with a double
Barry Price Price's Cointinuum silver dollar is split in half dollars, quarters, ten dimes, then handful of pennies
Inspired by
  • Dr. Sawa splitting coins routine
Related to
Barry Price Almost Perfect Copper/Silver two phases
Barry Price Instant Coin Change
Inspired by 74
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