Written by Patrick Page
Work of Patrick Page
94 pages (Paperback), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
29 entries
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Martin Breese Introduction
Also published here 9
Patrick Page The Biro Can empty can without top, coin tossed in and rattles, then beer poured out, tube gimmick
Also published here 11
Patrick Page The Vanishing Knot vanishing knot
Also published here 16
Patrick Page The Ever Change Card court card transformation gaff with sliding section
Also published here 18
Patrick Page You've Got the Wrong Card McCombical type routine
  • For Kids Shows
Also published here 21
Patrick Page The Pageboy's Picture Frame picture frame in which flat item can appear
Also published here 23
Patrick Page The Not-A-Knot Rope vanishing knot as it is pulled tight, thread
Also published here 26
Patrick Page, Pavel, J. F. Orrin The Misdirope Trick cut rope restores inside paper cone
Also published here 28
Patrick Page The Pageboy Turnover Switch
  • Variations
  • One More Variation
  • Still Another Variation
Also published here 30
Patrick Page, Wilfrid Jonson Wilfred Johnson's Coin Trick spelling of name?, continuous coin production with climax production of folded bill
Also published here 34
Patrick Page The Four Ace Move Ace vanish with double facer, also as false count
Also published here 36
Patrick Page The Vanishing Handkerchief silk vanishes and appears at back of performer
Also published here 40
Patrick Page The Delayed Action Palm bottom card prepared as deck is held in right-hand end grip
Also published here 42
Patrick Page The Rose Tissue torn and restored paper ribbon
Also published here 45
Patrick Page Smokerama loading a lit cigarette into mouth during pantomime cigarette
Also published here 48
Patrick Page Cut And Restored Yarn long wool thread is cut up and restores in fist
Also published here 52
Patrick Page The Jumping Flower flower jumps from lapel of spectator to performer's lapel
Also published here 54
Patrick Page Magic Handful eight cards with words, chosen word is divined by producing the object it describes
Also published here 57
Patrick Page The Automatic Palm action palm after closing of fan
Also published here 58
Patrick Page Copycat Cards two chosen cards by performer and spectator are mate, repeat
  • The Multiple Revelation
Also published here 61
Patrick Page Magic Square Telepathy chosen number predicted on back of board
Also published here 64
Patrick Page Karate Chop Coin Trick coin covered with handkerchief on table, it is hit with hand, then shown to be broken in two parts
Also published here 68
Patrick Page Noody Handkerchief one corner of handkerchief knotted, it can nod and answer questions, with gimmick with spring
Also published here 70
Patrick Page The Snip Snip-Coin Trick coin first put in small transparent plastic bag, then folded in paper
Also published here 74
Patrick Page Princess Quatro
Also published here 77
Patrick Page The Coin in Bottle
Also published here 80
Patrick Page Spellbound
Also published here 82
Patrick Page Transparent Chop Cup glass with paper cover as chop cup
Also published here 85
Patrick Page The Sympathetic Rising Card three selections pushed into one deck of cards, duplicates simultaneously rise out of another deck
Also published here 89
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