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Gary Plants Miracle Dealer spectator and performer select a card, both get half the cards and start dealing, suddenly performer says stop and on top of both halves are the selections
  • Update: I now like a different selection process and control
  • A fun story about this trick
Inspired by 3
Gary Plants No Way spectator removes any thought-of card from twenty-card packet, it is lost in deck and then found as spectator counts through the cards
Also published here 7
Francis Carlyle, Jay Ose Out of this World (Francis Carlyle and Jay Ose Touches)
  • Touch 1: By Francis Carlyle
  • Touch 2: By Francis Carlyle
  • Touch 3: By Francis Carlyle
  • Touch 4: By Jay Ose
Gary Plants Dunsbury Delusion different handling for Pareras's presentation
Inspired by 13
Gary Plants, Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Lie Detector answers to several questions are spelled out, at the end one arrives at the selection
Gary Plants I Know Why I Am Here card found by counting down multiple times to apparently random values, different getting-into and four packets
Inspired by 23
David Williamson False Faro Shuffle
Gary Plants Culling the Aces pseudo riffle culling demonstration
Inspired by 26
Brother John Hamman Brother John Hamman Cull sorting strategy to get four-of-a-kind together, packets dropped on table
Related to 29
Gary Plants Another Look at the Criss Cross Force variations of a Michael Skinner finesse with a demonstration cut
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
Two Ideas
Gary Plants Thought 1: Down and Under Again spectator deals off a couple of cards and those are used for down-under deal to locate selection, bottom deal placement
Gary Plants Thought 2: Tilt Key Card using tilted card as key
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