56 pages (Stapled), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings by Ed Mishell, Norman J. Howe
Language: English
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Sam Leo Horowitz Bey's Routine with the Okito Coin Box Master Routine No. 1, Okito Box with small hole, one coin penetrates deck of card, vanishes and appears multiple times and eventually changes into sponge rabbit, using a needle and a pencil
VariationsAlso published here 4
Okito Box Turnover while shaking the box
Okito Box Turnover turning the reveres box back, while letting it fall into the other hand
Showing Okito Box Empty
Sam Leo Horowitz Okito Box Turnover with loaded coin to "normal" condition
Variations 14
Sam Leo Horowitz Mohammed Bey's Bonus Silver and Copper Routine with Okito Box
Sam Leo Horowitz More Mohammed Bey Routines with the Okito Box, Four Coins, A Card Case and a Tumbler Master Routine No. 2, coins travel into box and vanish from there, penetration of card case
Also published here 21
Loading Move coin to Okito Box, with card case
Okito Box Turnover with loaded coin to "normal" condition
Harvey Rosenthal Improved Okito Coin Box Steal for One Coin
Sam Leo Horowitz The Perfect "Coin Penetration Through Box and Hand"
Charles Morritt Morrit Finger Grip also known as Purse Palm
Eddie McLaughlin The "Okito" Coin Box
  • 1. Placing the Cover on the Bottom of the Box - Using One Hand
  • 2. Placing the Coin between the Bottom of the Box and the Lid
  • 3. Visible Penetration of Coin through Bottom of Box
  • 4. Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box - Using Both Hands
  • 5. Variation for Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box
  • 6. Transfer of Open Box from Hand to Hand
Also published here 48
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