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Lu Brent, Sam Randlett, F. William Kuethe, Jr., David Teppit Etcetera see p. 1036 for real author (Dr. H. T. Hoffman)
Dec. 1967 146
Gene Finnell Aces Respelled four Aces are spelled
Related toVariations 1967 22
Sam Randlett Finnell's Spell as a set-up for Gene Finnell's "Spelling the Aces"
Related to Mar. 1968
Epilogue (Issue 2)
William T. Powers, Sam Randlett, Edward Marlo, Dick Jarrow Serios Business imitation of thought-photography of Ted Serios using small projector
Jan. 1968 151
Karl Fulves Babel puzzle by Vosburgh Lyons, Sam Randlett on Robert-Houdin's actor-magician quote
Feb. 1968 158
Karl Fulves Babel Roy Walton, Tony Shiels, Sam Randlett, Tony Griffith
Aug. 1969 277
Sam Randlett Bob Neale Issue issue intro
Feb. 1973 591