German translation by Thomas van Büren Lenger
Written by David Williamson
Work of David Williamson
32 pages (Stapled), published by Thomas van Büren Lenger
Illustrated with drawings by Robert Hirsch, David Williamson
Language: German
20 entries
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Thomas van Büren Lenger Vorwort
David Williamson The Vanishing Penny "Die verschwindende Münze"
coin vanishes in cap of pen, then falls out of cap again
Also published here 4
David Williamson Money Talks "Geld klingt"
production with sound effects with wand
Also published here 6
David Williamson Torn and Restored Transposition "Zerissene und wiederhergestellte Wanderung"
Also published here 8
Mercury Card Fold into fourths
David Williamson The Rising Cards "Mehrfacher Kartensteiger"
three cards, on rises reversed and visibly turns over
Also published here 11
David Williamson Cross-Eyed Coins Across
Also published here 13
Max Malini, Fred Kaps Malini/Kaps Subtlety
David Williamson Interlaced Swindle
Also published here 15
David Williamson Fake Pick-Up card from tabled deck with other card
David Williamson The Wishing Well "Der Wunschbrunnen"
coin changes color and size when dipped into fist
Also published here 17
David Williamson Edge Grip Handling
David Williamson The Famous Three Card Trick "Der Berühmte Drei-Karten-Trick"
three card version of Victor plot
Also published here 19
David Williamson Easy Aces "Einfache Asse"
faced deck
Related toAlso published here 20
David Williamson Reverse Matrix four coins, four cards
Also published here 21
Paul Gertner Scoop
Earl Nelson Loading Sequence coin loaded under card as it is lifted
David Williamson Striking Vanish with alternative handling with closed fist
Also published here 25
David Williamson Coin in Pen Cap "Zusatzeffekt zum 'Striking Vanish'"
Also published here 29
David Williamson Now Cut that Out coin appears under selected card, coins an card change places with purse, card folded
Also published here 29
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