Revised Edition
Written by Hector Chadwick
Work of Hector Chadwick
218 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by James Hilston
Language: English
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Derren Brown Four Words
Hector Chadwick Hola, Pepe! Or: An Introduction
Hector Chadwick Keys Psychometry routine with 4 sets of keys, performer able to describe fourth person's keys although they are hidden
Hector Chadwick An Astrological Aside Performer able to reveal spectator's astrological sign, includes finesses and tips for the Dunninger name dodge
Hector Chadwick The Paper Plane Chair Game Performer predicts which chair spectator will sit in (out of four chairs), prediction written on paper plane that spectator caught
Related to 49
Hector Chadwick The Paper Plane Chair Game: Mach II Continuation of Paper Plane Chair Game, predicts where the second and third person will sit
Related to 67
Hector Chadwick Playing Cards in Mentalism A short dissertation on the justification of their use.
Hector Chadwick Reds and Blacks Performer divines red/black from spectator shuffled deck
Inspired by 85
Hector Chadwick A Card Behind Spectator divines identities of three cards in increasing accuracy
Variations 103
Hector Chadwick The Trouble With Equivoque: Thoughts on the nature of magician's choice
Hector Chadwick Equivoque Routine #2 Performer predicts each object that two spectators end up holding
Hector Chadwick Sweeties Predict which M&M sweet is left uneaten
Related to 135
Hector Chadwick An Equivocal Miscellany Further miscellaneous thoughts and techniques relating to the practice of equivoque
Hector Chadwick The Prophecy of Gregynog Spectator divines chosen object
Hector Chadwick "Commit Yourself" A brief thesis on the justification of thought documentation
Hector Chadwick Head Magnet Large man unable to lift arm off of head of petite lady
Hector Chadwick Hector Chadwick's Tossed-Out Q&A
Hector Chadwick Finding Pepe, or: An Epilogue
Hector Chadwick Thank yous Acknowledgements
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