Written by Dan Garrett
Work of Dan Garrett
28 pages (Stapled), published by Dan Garrett Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Dan Garrett, Dan Harlan
Language: English
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Dan Garrett Fore-Word
Dan Garrett PreMeditation unknown ESP card selected and put in envelope, symbol named, ten pairs on table with top cards face-up, only named symbols matches with face-down cards underneath, card in envelope matches as well
Also published here 3
Alan Shaxon Two-Way Envelope divider
Russ Burns Matchbook Assembly four matches under four matchbooks assemble underneath one
VariationsAlso published here 9
Dan Garrett Matchbook Assembly Plus four matches under four matchbooks assemble underneath one, last match is lit and burnt match then appears under matchbook
Inspired byAlso published here 11
Mark Young The Invisible Hair handkerchief as rabbit puppet around hand, somewhat animated
Also published here 12
Dan Garrett Thumb Tipnique on producing large things from oversized thumb tips
Also published here 13
Dan Garrett The Tooth Fairy sponge tooth changes into coin
Also published here 14
Dan Garrett American Ninja Spellbound
Also published here 15
Dan Garrett Upside-Down Change
Also published here 16
Dan Garrett The Black Belt Change
Also published here 16
Dan Garrett The Transmutant double or quadruple change, consecutive change
Inspired byAlso published here 18
Dan Garrett The Pinch Switch coin dropped into other hand from some height
Also published here 19
Dan Garrett The "Underhanded" Overhand Shuffle Hunter type shuffle without jogs
VariationsAlso published here 20
Charles J. Pecor, David Solomon Cyborg! card location with reverse count, with comedy prop, telescopic pen with plug
Also published here 21
Dan Garrett The Faustus Ring three phases
Related toAlso published here 24
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