Written by Gaëtan Bloom, Super Fafa, Paul Stone
Work of Gaëtan Bloom
40 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by James Hodges
Language: English
10 entries
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Gaëtan Bloom Introduction
Gaëtan Bloom Padlock Connection Loop of rope wrapped around neck, locked padlock thrown backwards behind magician, ends up linked on loop of rope
Gaëtan Bloom The Watch Trick Magician able to tell time accurately from a picture of a watch drawn on the wrist
Gaëtan Bloom The Card on the Human Wall deck thrown on a styrofoam board hung on spectator's back as a human wall, selected card is left stuck on wall. Card then changes into second selection
Gaëtan Bloom Impossible Is Not French card balances on edge, torn card balances on torn edge
Variations 8
Gaëtan Bloom Prestidigitational Prediction Freely selected card tossed into book, performer divines first few words of the page, then reveals prediction matches selected card
Gaëtan Bloom The King of Yoyos gimmick to make performer look like a yoyo master
Gaëtan Bloom Bloomentalism out of six objects, performer predicts which object spectator will place in left pocket
Gaëtan Bloom S.T.O.W.R.C.T. - The Signed, Torn, Oil, Water, Restored, Card Trick one red, one black card torn into several pieces and mixed. Red and black pieces separate, and one of the card restores
Gaëtan Bloom Potty Bicycle Pumps chinese sticks effect with two bicycle pumps
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