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Title Subtitle Year
Between Ourselves A Book of Exclusive Magic 1926
Original Magic 1930

Four Little Beans
(A Comedy Trick)

Title Subtitle Year
The Best in Magic 1956
Side Effects 1984

Disappearing Aces
A card disappearing routine

Title Subtitle Year
Pristine The Cleanest — Easiest — Most Magical — The Most Co... 1998
The Magician's Ltd Cookbook Jack Parker presents... 2007

3 Fly III
Professional Fingertips Coins Across

Personal Collection
all cards, all new, all mine

Title Subtitle Year
Minds in Close-Up A Collection of Mental Mysteries using Small Accessories 1954
Minds in Duplicate Easy-to-do Mental Mysteries for Two People 1956
McComb's Magic — 25 Years Wiser 1972

Title Subtitle Year
Pasteboard Perpensions 1990
Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes Newly Revised and Illustrated, Second Edition 1990
The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James Close-up Expert Shares his Magical Thoughts 1997

Title Subtitle Year
Onyx Issues 1-11 1997-2000
The Ends 2001

Title Subtitle Year
Inside Cardmagic 1995
Inside Cardmagic — Band 2 1996
Concertos for Pasteboard New Card Compositions by 29 German & Swiss Masters 2000