Written by Al Baker
Work of Al Baker
39 pages (Paperback), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Clayton Rawson
Language: English
18 entries
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Creators Title Comments & References Page AA Categories
Al Baker To My Friends, Magic Lovers
Also published here 6
Al Baker Al Baker's Pack That Cuts itself thread
Also published here 7
Al Baker The One Man "Lights Up" Seance tie for hands
Also published here 9
Al Baker A Card and A Number number free, card forced from a second deck
VariationsAlso published here 11
Al Baker Al Baker's Pet Hat Trick hat as a utility prop to exchange billets or other things
Also published here 12
Al Baker Al Baker's Rising Cards
Also published here 14
Al Baker Feel My Pulse
Also published here 17
Al Baker The Al Baker Wrist Tie through spectator's arm
Also published here 18
Al Baker The Impossible Discovery forcing deck, two deck switches
VariationsAlso published here 21
Al Baker Pocket Switch twice in context
Also published here 21
Al Baker Cards of Thought
Also published here 22
Al Baker Al Baker's Addition Trick with assistent, code
Also published here 25
Al Baker Another Rope is Cut and Restored!
Also published here 27
Al Baker The Finger Points reading body language, thought-of card
Also published here 28
Al Baker The Matchmakers two cards torn, spectator sort out the pieces face down, pedestal prop
Also published here 30
Al Baker "Say When!" two cards, partial forcing deck
Related toAlso published here 32
Al Baker Al Baker's Billet Mystery three billets, envelopes, including the umbrella move
Related toAlso published here 33
Al Baker The Self Unknotting Handkerchief thread, not fixed to body
Also published here 38
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