Written by Ben Harris
Work of Ben Harris
39 pages (Paperback), published by Media T Marketing
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Ben Harris Author's Foreword
Ben Harris Introduction
Ben Harris The Quarter Back Tear Apparently tear a card in half, but actually only tear a quarter
Ben Harris The Particle Vanish Card sandwiched between two Jokers, all three cards torn into quarters, but sandwiched card vanishes, leaving only the torn Jokers
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Ben Harris Twist Assist Half card is given a twist between the fingers, corner visually appears restored on card. Possibility given to restore the full card.
Ben Harris Space Oddity Half card changes polarity, sometimes widthwise tear, sometimes lengthwise tear. Corner of card then vanishes and appears on the other half.

Advanced version: the two halves can be shown simultaneously to be in opposite states of polarity.
Ben Harris Particle Physics Spectator names any card, card is found face up in the deck. Card is sandwiched between Jokers, packet is torn into four, card vanishes and appears face up in deck.
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Ben Harris Many Worlds Climax (Hoodwink!) Ending for Hoodwink (another Ben Harris trick). Card given a small tear, suddenly disintegrates back into four pieces
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Ben Harris Wink Wink Two cards torn, one card is restored completely, the other restores and disintegrates. Presentation about entropy and time. Extension of Hoodwink by Ben Harris
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Ben Harris De-Crease folded card becomes un-creased again, only pictures, see Genii reference
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