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Written by Paul Hallas
Work of Paul Hallas
30 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
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Language: English
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Paul Hallas Not So Remote Viewing! card is named and performer names its position in the deck
Inspired by 2
Paul Hallas Name Power Milton Aces with ABC cards to reveal selected name
Inspired by
  • Geoff Scalbert's "The Milton Aces" in "Scalbert's Selected Secrets" 1982
Paul Hallas A Mental Miracle sum prediction
Related to
  • Some Total (Larry Becker, 1978)
  • Fred Barlow's "Mental Prodigies"
  • Will Dexter's "Computer Mind" in "Feature Magic for Mentalists" p. 113
Paul Hallas Mail and Female sex detector plot, cards in envelopes
Paul Hallas Pointed combination padlock and number cards
Inspired byAlso published here 14
Paul Hallas 50 - 50 Opener prediction of coin toss, heads or tails written on a cards
Paul Hallas An 'L' Of A Trick Clock trick with ABC cards
Inspired by 21
Paul Hallas Problematic pile is cut and placed in pocket, top card placed in another pocket, performer divines amount of cut cards and has identity of selection predicted
Paul Hallas NFCF Bag 2 several billets are selected from a bag, one is divined and others are blank
Paul Hallas Second Message one of five envelopes is selected and it's the only one containing a message, the number of the envelope is also predicted
Inspired by 28
Paul Hallas Parting Thoughts
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