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211 pages (Hardcover), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Lenti
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Burling "Volta" Hull - Fourfold Master of Magic biography
Burling Hull Number-Vision Flight spectator writes three-digit number on a slate, performer divines it, palmed diminishing mirror
Burling Hull All-Fair Want Ad Test ads cut out by spectators and put in glass bowl, one selected, word on it chosen and divined, specially printed ad page with force words
Burling Hull Forcing Methods to force a number
Burling Hull Volta Spiro-Predicto word or prediction appears on blank card with spectator's signature on other side, switching paper with stack of envelopes
Burling Hull Master Memory Feats about six hundred digits in a grid brought by the performer, demonstration of having it memorized
Burling Hull Thought Transference Superb word and number predicted with different-colored pencils, presented as "spectator reads minds", carbon-paper and swami with metal point instead of writing tip
Joseph Dunninger, Burling Hull Dunninger's "Television" spectator makes simple geometric drawing, performer duplicates it, three versions
  • Method 1. With Cards (shiny reflective card)
  • Method 2. With Note-Book (reflector card inside notebook)
  • Method 3. With Bare Hands (mirror/reflector on back of hand)
Burling Hull Ball of Paper Held by Spectator Bursts into Flame chemical
Burling Hull Burling Hull's Super Psychic Billet Switch with sticky wax part in cup, billet poured into hand
Burling Hull Volta's Giant "ESP" Thot Projection deck with twenty-five symbols/designs, spectators cut off a small pile each and remember bottom card, key cards brought openly to bottom with a ruse
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Burling Hull Miracle Newspaper Test spectator makes circle on newspaper
Burling Hull Getting an Audience Member on Stage
Burling Hull Yoga Pulse Test and Volta Light Test pulse and blood flow demonstration
Burling Hull The Who Dunnit Mystery four weapons in row on table, selected weapon, victim and murderer divined
Burling Hull The Two Fold Miracle spectator shuffles deck and cuts to any card, its value used to count down in second deck, same card found there
Burling Hull The Double Force spectator pushes card reversed in deck, cards on either side are forced
Burling Hull "Visual Thought Projection" five unknown cards from jumbo deck put on stand, one chosen, same card is reversed and odd-backed in another deck
Burling Hull Crystal Ball Telepathy spectator sees name of card in crystal ball
Burling Hull Duke Outdone six cards chosen, divined by spectators in crystal ball
Addition on Table as handkerchief is removed
Burling Hull An Experiment in the Science of Impossibility two spectators reverse a deck each under cover of a cloth attached to their jackets, they are the same and match a reversed card in a third deck, double facer deck
Related to 55
Burling Hull Volta's "All-Fair" Dictionary Feat numbers written on card or slate are used to arrive at sentence in dictionary, forcing a range of nine numbers
U. F. Grant, Burling Hull Grant's "Predicto" Book and Card Test number up to fifty-two named, that card value used to count to a page and word in book, word written on reversed card in deck
Burling Hull Volta's Master Book Test Mystery several two-digit numbers on paper, cut out, two pieces chosen and all digits added, first sentence on that page divined
Burling Hull Premier Magazine Book Test page chosen with playing cards
14/15 Stack
Burling Hull Word Divino playing card pushed into book, first sentence on that page divined or predicted, duplicate card secretly in other end of book
Burling Hull Word Divino #2 playing card pushed into book, first sentence on that page divined or predicted, duplicate card secretly in other end of book, book cracked open at that spot
Burling Hull An Old Word Force double-pocket bag with numbered chips
Burling Hull, Al Wheatley A Clever Book Test luminous paint on every page
Burling Hull The Invisible Hand Writes writing appears on slate (visibly), Burling Hull Chemical Chalk
Related to 79
Burling Hull, U. F. Grant "The Spirits Know All" - A Living and Dead Combination name of dead person appears gradually on slate
  • The Grant Method
  • Burling Hull Method
  • Another Hull Materialization
  • Volta Name Appearance
  • The Daring Volta Method
  • Mediums Dead and Alive Discovery
Related to 82
Burling Hull The Performer Presents a Number Test row of numbers written on slate, a number arrived at by calculation, numbers wiped away and calculated number appears (1089)
Burling Hull The "Spirits" Correct a Mistake slate filled with letters, wiped clean, name of chosen card appears on slate
Burling Hull A Mind Reading Number Divination number chosen, it appears spelled out on slate
  • With a Flap
  • Without the Flap
  • Another "No Flap" Method
Burling Hull Spirits From China Chinese characters appear on slate, performer translates into anything he wants
Burling Hull Combination with Dunninger Slater Number Feat combined with visible appearing writing
Inspired by 94
Burling Hull Thrilling Colored Spirit Paintings Burling Hull Chemical Chalk, visible appearing writing in colors, with forced picture card
Burling Hull Seventy Years of Progress in Thought Transmission Acts introduction on code acts
The Stage Instructing Co.'s $5.00 Course in Stage Mind Reading or Second Sight coding
  • To Make the Figure or Number One Hundred
  • Articles and Objects (list of 134 objects)
  • The Kind of Metal in Coins
  • Metals
Julius Zancig, Laura G. Fixen The Zancig-Fixen System
  • How to Apply the "Second Sight" System
  • To Tell Letters
  • To Tell Dates
  • To Tell Articles
  • Lodges and Orders
The Howe and Howe Second Sight Code Act
The Series System of Arranging a List of Articles
The Three Part Number System
The Silent "No Code" System of Second Sight "Morrits Silent Second Sight", length of pauses as code
Burling Hull The Burling Hull Second Sight Act
  • The Stage Second Sight Act
  • The Improved Burling Hull Plan
  • Heightening Effect
  • Selecting Easiest Objects
  • How to Describe Unfamiliar Articles
  • Surprise Reading of Coins
  • Coding Information (Colors, Metals, Shapes, Sizes, Nature, U.S.A. Coins)
  • Blackboard Tests
Burling Hull The Volta Improved Second Sight Question Act verbal and none verbal codes for answering questions, q&a
  • To Speak Exactly the Same Sentence Each Time
  • The Volta Verbal Code
  • Alternative Applications
  • The Volta Verbal Code Table
  • The Exact Qualification of the Question
  • A Memorizing System
  • The Volta System of Silent Fixed Position Codes (The Head Position Code, Hand Position Signal Code, Double-Up Fixed Position Code, Left/Right Hand Codes)
  • Question Classifications
Burling Hull Stage Methods of Reading and Rendering Spectators' Questions
  • The Hold Out (with assistant who collects billets)
  • The Box Entrance Method
  • Switch Basket Method
  • Back of Orchestra Switch
  • Box Collection Method
  • Hull's Brass Burning Bowl Method
  • The Mirror Bowl
  • Switch Bag Methods
  • The Method of Communicating to Performer
  • The Wireless Phone
  • Direct Connection
  • Metal Ball
  • Ball Stand
  • Roller Hand Device
  • Projector Method
  • Blackboard Method
  • Sleeve Transmission Method
  • Glass of Water Transmission Method
  • Faro Method
  • Lead-Off
  • The "Chicago" Metal Ball
  • Simplified Metal Ball: "Eureka" Model
  • Burling Hull's Non-Electrical Method
  • Hull's Deluxe Question Transmitter (table with crystal ball on it)
Burling Hull The Super-Stage Method Mind Reading Act giant buddha statue on stage with assistant in it, wireless connection
Burling Hull Complete Mind Reading Acts and Systems for Club, Banquet and Parlor
  • Burling Hull Sealed Message Reading Pyramid
  • "Mind Devination"
  • Puhl's "Sealed Letter Reading Supreme"
  • "The Unique Question Reading Act"
  • The Stylus and Envelope Method
  • The Hull-Poole Try Reading Method
  • The Envelope Package Reading Idea
  • The Book Reading Device
  • Gysels Envelope Pile Method
  • The Burling Hull Sheet Readings
  • "Reado Method" Sealed Readings
  • "The Famous $25.00 Sealed Letter Test"
  • The Burling Hull Improved Letter Test
  • The Fay Readings
  • Burling Hull's Club Stationary - Crystal Gazing Act
Burling Hull Close Work or Clairvoyant Methods
  • Sealed and Burned
  • Hull Box and Ashes Reading
  • Hull Folded Question Reading
  • Clairvoyant Envelope Reading
  • Hull's Dark Seance Reading Method
  • The Dr. Q. Dark Readings
  • Clairvoyant Writing Table Method
  • Clip Board Method
  • The Cardboard Clipboards
  • The Hull-Pool Universal Sealed Reading Act
Burling Hull The Question Answering Act
Burling Hull Practice Method for Fast Answering
Burling Hull The Exclusive Volta Supper Club Reading
Burling Hull The Master Volta Method for Supper Club Readings with Hull Card, flipped inside out one-handed
Related to 185
Burling Hull The Volta "Lecture" Readings Method
Burling Hull The Volta Table Sealed Question Reading
Burling Hull Pointers and Tips from Experience on Working Tables
  • Handling Hecklers
  • Charity Drives
  • Fees and Gratuities
Burling Hull The Ultra Question Answering Act - With No Questions Written
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