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Reed Swans Collective, John Hostler Introduction author's identity given as "John Hostler" in Genii review
  • A Special Note on Crediting
  • A Very Special Note on Pronouns
John Hostler Obfuscation, Transparency, & Intensity
John Hostler Sightlines card thought of from half of the deck, then found after showing fans of cards with "is your card in here?" procedure
Inspired by 12
John Hostler W.I.M.P. "Wild Inverted Monte Progression"
monte routine with more spot cards added during the routine, then all spot cards become Queens of Hearts
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count
Monte Plus Variation
Related to
  • "ESOLC" (Phil Willmarth, That’s "Close Up", 1981)
John Hostler Roundabout Retreat spectator remembers card and its position from the top, after some cutting the card's value at the original position is used to count down to selection
Inspired by 25
John Bannon Hybrid Holdout dealing and shuffling combination
Also published here 26
John Hostler Top Twenty song title chosen from list, title's letters used to remove cards from a deck of cards with letters written on the cards's backs, the face are Ace through Queen of Hearts and a previously chosen card is the King to complete the suit, the song's title is an anagram and spells out "King of Hearts"
Inspired by 30
John Hostler 90% Procedure ten-card packet cut and dealt into two packets, eventually they match in order
John Hostler Instant Sandwich "Featuring the Backhanded Pincer"
card pointed to in spread, cards closed, selection instantly found in sandwich, similar to Bilis Load
Related to 43
John Hostler Chromatose three selections made, deck washed face-up/face-down on the table, triumph reveal and deck has rainbow deck as kicker, faros
Inspired by 50
John Hostler Crimp Dribble Control control sequence, multiple cards placed at same spot
Springboards "Rum Thoughts for Special Occasions"
John Hostler 2x4 Cull strategy to culling up to eight cards (two quartets) with "removing some target cards" preliminary premise, negative cull
John Hostler The Great Big Think-a-Card Con everyone in the audience is asked to think of a card, some gag revelations, later one of those cards used for real revelation
John Hostler Deliver Me three cards are predicted written on the blank back of another playing card, can be palmed out and used as prediction
Related to 62
John Hostler An Inconsistent Fooling presentation for Walton's effect with an additional set of four red cards for a pseudo-explanation, additional set changes to black at the end
Inspired by 64
Jack Parker "For Marlo" Switch Variation feigning a switch of two packets (Pseudo Switch)
Also published here 67
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